First Big news event .

Oh, that reminds me. Some time before Elvis’s death in 1977 was the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. That was a huge deal. So that’s my earliest Big News Event.


On 9/11 I was a psychiatry resident in downtown Chicago. I was also in late first trimester with my first baby and thus was lying in bed fighting morning sickness when DH came in and told me what happened. Fortunately I happened to be on a rotation where I could arrange to start my days late after a slow start with crackers and 7up! I watched the towers fall on TV and awful as that was, somehow it didn’t dawn on me right away that everyone would not have been able to escape the buildings. The horror just grew the more I understood. That night I was on call in a hospital in Evanston and had to take the el up there. The city was so quiet that day, no planes and much less traffic. I remember sitting in the on-call room that night watching TV coverage and eating grilled cheese, hoping to get called to get my mind off it. It was a slow night in the ED. My mom was on a trip in Ireland at the time and had to delay coming back for several days due to flights being suspended. She said the Irish people were so sympathetic and helpful.


I definitely watched Charles and Diana’s wedding, but it must have been broadcast again later.

@eeeevah @chrystalturner my niece was 16 months old. My mother had the wedding on. She and my niece were watching. I was doing something and checking in occasionally.

I clearly recall watching my niece watch what was going on, going to her play things to gather up items that reminded her of what she was seeing, and going to her grandmother for help assembling her “wedding gown”. I was so impressed with her ingenuity. I even took a photo of her in her finery.

She has vague memories of dressing up.

The wedding was an attention getter for small girls, for certain. :sunglasses:

eta: she just texted that she always felt a connection to Diana. Says she got a horrible feeling one day, turned on the tv and there was the news she had died. :cry:


I didn’t watch this. I was in Greece at the time, and I don’t think we had a TV. If we did, we didn’t watch it.