First attempt at a plan - any feedback?

Haven’t been to WDW since i was 6, now planning a trip in May for my family (me, wife, 9 and 6 YO sons). This site and the tour plans have been tremendous resources. I took my first stab at a custom tour for HS (thought it would be easiest to try first).

Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated.

A few notes:
9YO (and me) are die-hard SW fans, so we want to do a lot of SW attractions but not overwhelm wife or younger son, who are looking for a more balanced itinerary.

Because of their ages, we have no interest in ToT and Aerosmith roller coaster.

9:20 character breakfast at H&V and 2:50 Fantastic package reservation at Mama Melrose’s are all set.

I added in a 20 minute “break” first thing in the morning to sign up for JTA, and a “break” at 1:20 for 30 minutes to account for having to be there 30 minutes early. I’m banking on signing up for the 1:50 slot.

Thanks in advance!

You haven’t shared the plan! Click Edit>>Publish and it will give you a link.

I presume that it’s a 9am park day. I’ve just gone mad on my HS day for February. It’s at:

We will book Jedi Training before we go to Breakfast, at 8.05am (It’s a 9am start day). That should allow us to get the session of our choice. My 6yo wants to ride RNR so we will go there first and ride it, and pick up a rider swap for my daughter, who won’t meet the height requirement, thus allowing my wife to ride it again later with my son (assuming he’s not too traumatized!). We’re then straight to Moana, although that’s not on the booking plan, so I’ve guessed the wait time for first thing.

The rest of it should be pretty straightforward to follow. My FP+ are locked (with the fourth being when we intend to use the RNR rider swap). We also have Mama Melrose booked to get Fantastic tickets, and we’ll end up grabbing a snack while waiting for Star Wars, after Frozen. One or two of my connections are very tight and I may have to rejig the RnR rerun.

We haven’t got Launch Bay, which you should definitely go to, as we were there last year and spent quite a long time there, including the Kylo meet and greet and messing around with the Jawas a bit. It’s great fun if you are a fan. As was getting told off by stormtroopers for walking too close to them (that was my 6yo son!). There are also a number of other things that were fun, like muppets and Disney Jnr that we did then which are well worth seeing if they are of interest. There was also a Woody and Buzz meet and greet which we skipped but if you like meet and greets, our friends said that was a good one.

We’re not going back to ToT. Bad parenting fail. One child in tears while the other telling that “that was not fun”. Live and learn!

Good luck with your planning.

LarryG -
You’ll need to publish your plan, and then share the new link before anyone can see it.

Before you do that tho, quick 1st thoughts -
The software will automatically give you a decent amount of time for arrival at the Jedi training. They’ll tell you 30 minutes early, but you’ll be waiting around doing nothing for about 10 minutes (and that’s low) of those 30 minutes.

9:20 am character breakfast…To each his/her own. I would suggest using that early time for attractions, but that’s me. Early am is prime time for attractions with low waits.

Ages and the love of thrill rides… I’m guessing you meant to write, “since the kids do not like thrill rides, we have no interest in tot or rockncoaster?”

Publish your plan so we can see it. Hope you have a blast!

Thank you… the plan says its ready to be shared!

If your DSs are not into thrill rides, I understand. But don’t base your decision on age alone; there are plenty of DS9s and even a number of DS6s who love those two rides.


Sorry to butt in…but you can sign up for JTA if you are there for breakfast before park opening?


I tried the link above and it still says no access. I think you might need to post a new link now that you’ve marked it as “publish.” Just my two cents, but I second the advice to skip H&v at 9:20. Or Keep trying to get an pre-RD time. Admittedly I’m biased though, as my family did not care for that restaurant at all (though DS 3 at the time loved the characters). Also DS(now)6 LOVES ToT and RnRC. So you never know. I’m not really a thrill rider either though, so your plan of skipping them sounds just fine to me.

Here’s the correct link for your published plan, I think:

One more thing with this.
After Star Tours, you exit through a store. At the front of the store, there is a “build your own light saber” area. You and the son might find the store pretty fun, in general, but if ds9 might want a light saber…be prepared. It’s actually an interesting thing to do. There’s a cm there that will help each kid create a custom light saber, and make sure they know how to take it apart and put it back together. There might be a line for this, there might not be, just depends. Of course, if you whisk the kids away from the store, they might miss it.

Do you get to keep the light saber that you build?

Yes - of course. Note these are the plastic telescoping lightsaber toys. But they are custom built by the kid with his choices and a little nicer than what you find on the shelves at ToysRUs etc. Any Star Wars fan under 10 will definitely want to do it, but of course it’s not free either so plan accordingly…

Thanks! I know my sons and nephews would like this and we will be there soon!

Thank you all! Still tweaking the plans, but thank you for all the feedback.