First and only Disney trip

As someone who never thought I would go, and the first (and only) visit being at 33 years old - I will post my pros and cons for non-Disney addicts.

We went for 6 nights, 7 days.

  • free dining worked out so well for us. We would have spent a fortune on the food we ate, and we had no unused credits.

  • pop century was too energized for us. We had limited choices because of budget. We visited akl while there and it was so laid back in comparison.

  • we found a bedbug :rage:. Pest control inspected the room and wrote off my concerns, saying it must have been something else. We left a lot of belongings back in Florida because we feared bringing bugs home. The way they treated us left a bad taste in my mouth, and tainted the overall experience.

  • the theming was incredible at the parks

  • the character actors were amazing, made the entire trip for us!

  • buses were awful. We waited very long times, and pop buses are the furthest from the park entrances almost every time.

  • the food was good or very good at quick service locations. I can’t say we complained about any of it.

  • we had pretty good results from the room request fax, we got two of our three main requests.

  • the touring plan estimated waits for our days were very far off. Even still having the plans gave us a starting point, and going in without it would have been chaos for us newbies.


I’m sorry to hear about the bedbug and their response. That is troubling. Did you catch the one you found, or did it get away? I always check before going into the room, and if I find one, I make sure to keep it in something to show them. That reminds me, I need to bring tape and nitrile gloves…

Why only visit? Never say never! You might live for another 70 years, plenty of time for another trip.

I caught it but then a family member squished it. I was so angry!

I brought a flashlight and did daily checks. I found it on the 4th day I think.

I suppose that’s true, but it took years to save for this trip. It will take years to save for another vacation, and we want to see other places too. :grinning:

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Yeah it takes us years too. Staying offsite makes it so much cheaper though. Even though the pound is dropping in value by the minute!

We do cheap beach trips in between.

Was this in a newly refurbished room?!

Yes it was. I’m a self-proclaimed bed bug paranoid freak. That meant I was checking the room top to bottom every single day. A normal person wouldn’t have found that particular bug. It was between extra pillows that we had taken off the beds and piled near the vent system.

I did pretty well early in the week not panicking about bugs (prior to this happening), until I saw a room being heat treated. I did an extra thorough check and found the bug. I was not a happy camper.

They really should close the curtains in rooms they are treating!!!

we are staying at Pop in late January… what was your room number/building etc?? i’m scared to find bedbugs now!!! ugh!!!

To be fair, a LOT of people think they know what a bed bug is and will even post reviews complaining of bed bugs…but when you look at their posted images with the review, they were NOT bedbugs, but rather, bugs in the bed (or sometimes not actually in the bed at all, but on the floor, etc!). One person claimed bedbugs, and the image was clearly just some kind of beetle that was about 10x too big to be a bed bug!

So, I can imagine they are used to hearing people CLAIM bedbugs when they aren’t.

Not saying that’s the case here, but can explain their seeming lack of concern.

Now, having said that, we always check the bed bug registry before booking anywhere, and take precautions regardless. For example, all clothing we take off that we plan to wear again we do not drop on the floor or beds, etc, and put on the counters in the bathroom, etc. Clothes that we take off that we will NOT wear again, we placed immediately into trash bags. We never re-pack anything we’ve already worn (even IN garbage bags) in the same bags that we have more clothes we intend to wear. And, of course, we do a thorough bed-bug inspection (lifting mattresses, checking with flashlights in seams, etc.) And finally, when we return home, the clothes are IMMEDIATELY washed in hot water.

In this way, even if we DID pick up a bed bug, and even if we DID manage to bring it home, we give the little buggers no chance to spread! :slight_smile:

We were in building two and building one was the one with the room being actively treated.

I agree Ryan that they likely have a ton of people that think every bug is a bed bug. Having had previous experience with the bug, I knew what it was immediately as well as my husband. My major issue was actually how they handled this specific case. I asked only for a dog to come confirm that there was nothing remaining in the room, and they treated me like I was a crazy person. One of the front desk agents even admitted that pest control can treat people in a “certain way”.

It is what it is. Because we don’t really have plans to return, I have an “oh well” attitude about it.