Fireworks viewing MK 10/1 and EP 10/2

I posted this on chat/Facebook too but just want to throw this out there!

I was just thinking since there’s going to be so many of us at MK on 10/1, we should have an official unofficial Liner fireworks viewing location, lol. Since we’re traveling with a baby, I was planning on parking ourselves in a spot at least 3 hours early and I’d love company while we wait. It can totally be come and go and I’m willing to get a spot earlier too if the consensus is that it’ll be necessary.

I think there’s also a bunch of us planning Epcot for 10/2 and we could do the same there!


That’s a great idea! I’m pretty sure I’m going to watch from the Poly beach though bc I’m afraid of the crowds. Hopefully it will still be a good view.

We are still trying to get a CG reservation that night, but know it’s a long shot.

Good luck!! I think CG would be lovely but with a 5mo, I’m hesitant to try some of the fancier places for a while :joy:

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We have it booked for the final HEA, but I’m kicking myself for not booking the 1st instead. I wasn’t even thinking about crowds back then, but now I’m more concerned so planning alternates. I’ll still be in MK for some of the day so maybe we’ll catch you at the start of your 3 hour wait :joy:

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I still have an ADR for CG on 10/2 at 7:45pm for 2 people if anyone is interested in it. I managed to get one for 10/1 so we don’t need the one on 10/2 anymore.

10/2 seems to be the last day CG has any ADRs.

We also have one for 'Ohana on 10/1 at 6:30pm for 2 people …and now have one for 9/30 so don’t need this one either.

Hmmm I might be interested in either or both of those :joy:

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