Fireworks Viewing Location

Will be at DLR for a day solo and would like to take in the new fireworks show. Anyone have a recommendation for a decent place to watch them that would include a view of the MSUSA projections that I could get at or near showtime? I don’t care about having the optimum view or even a good view, just looking for something passable that will give me a flavor for the show.

Could be that this is totally unrealistic and if so, so be it – I guess I’d rather know that now than get there and be disappointed.

We were there last week and main street was an absolute madhouse. They also do the projections on waterscreens near the fantasmic area and you can snag a spot there right before the fireworks start - that may be a more stress free option. We saw it both places - crammed in near the hub + over by fantasmic, and the fantasmic experience was the better of the two.

The parade runs directly before the fireworks, and the viewing areas for that fill up long before the parade starts. Once the parade passes, they move people from the curbs and into main street… there’s a chance you could jump in as they move people, but they’re fairly strict about keeping people moving behind the parade viewing while it’s going on.

thanks for the heads up. So to make sure I’m understanding, could you conceivably follow the parade and just fill that space as it passes?

You might be able to - I’m not sure. The parade starts back by Small World and I can’t remember how soon after it passed that they moved us into the street.

We typically go to WDW during the fall… I have to say I was totally unprepared for the mass of humanity that the parade and fireworks are attracting at DL. You may fare better if you’re more used to it. The fireworks are totally worth it, so I hope you find a plan that works out!

oh! i was just bouncing around disney mbs and saw someone mention that they had good luck browsing the main street shops during the first paint the night parade, and then joining the mob as the CMs moved them into main street. that strategy might work for you, so i thought i’d pass it along!

That’s basically what I ended up doing, and while it was ugly and chaotic, it worked. What did not work was the fireworks – the show started, but after a few fireworks exploded without any music or other audio, they announced they were having technical difficulties and said they couldn’t do the show that night. :frowning:

This trip sort of sprung out of the fact that I happened to be in the area for work anyway. Here’s hoping I need to be over there again soon so I can see it!

they also do projections onto iasw. there seem to be less people out there.