Fireworks View Chances

We arrive at Disney mid-day this coming Thursday, June 13th. We plan to hang out in DS most of the day but we have an 8:30 reservation at Ohana. Is there a specific process for requesting a fireworks view table other than just letting the hostess know? Where would you put our chances of actually getting a table with a good view of the HEA? 50%? 75%? Do they pipe the HEA soundtrack into the restaurant or only on the beach at the Poly?

9:15 fireworks? Maybe ok. Just tell them you’d like to wait for a table overlooking the lagoon.

10:00 fireworks better chance

I think it might be iffy. I have heard people with earlier reservations who get window seats will camp out until after the show. Which, yes, creates a backed-up nightmare for reservations, but they aren’t kicking anyone out because they don’t want complaints that they made people leave. Running behind on reservations is a lot easier to explain as it happens in the real world also.