Fireworks Party reservation

Been trying to reserve ANY of the fireworks parties for mid May for 3 people but nothing ever shows up. I’ve been tracking it for the last few weeks now and i have yet to see it. All i ever get is “There are no available times for”. I’m not sure if there is a trick to booking these firework parties. Looking around on the forums it looks like the best way of approaching this is by going on the site and searching for it via the enchanting extras page instead of the event itself.
Does anyone know if there’s a trick to booking these parties?
I’ve been checking almost everday at 6am est for these events but nothing ever shows up.
Maybe they have a different release schedule for these events?

Any advice/help would be great.

Stalk the heck out of it. Seriously. Like multiple times a day every day. The closer you get the better your odds.

We are there the same time and I also tried for the Dessert Parties.

Has anyone had any luck for mid-May? Has anything been available yet?

I booked a pre-party for May 12. It was available at 60 days out. Hopefully more are released!

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I’ve been doing the same for May 14th, no luck. It’s so bizarre. I checked days before my 60 day window as well as right on the 60 day mark. If yall get lucky, please let me know how! I’m looking for the after-party.

I’m looking for May 16th and i’ve been stalking it numerous times a day with no luck. :frowning: