Fireworks in front of castle and then Fantasmic (w/Hungry Bear Dinner Package)

I am going to Disneyland March 17th (Crowd Level 7). I would like to do both Fireworks in front of the castle and then the later Fantasmic show (w/Hungry Bear Dinner Package). Is this advisable? Is it difficult to make it to Fantasmic quickly after the fireworks? Any tips of what path to take? I thought having the dinner package would help ensure that I have a place but fear that I might end up in the far back. I always try for the front.

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It is very doable to watch the fireworks and then the 2nd Fantastic show with a dining Package. I did that in November.

It was a wall of people trying to get to Fantasmic from Main Street but the CM were efficient. They directed guests to Fantasmic from Main Street through Adventureland and guests leaving Fantasmic were directed through Frontierland. Hold on tightly to your travel partners! I had plenty of plenty of time before the show. I got the Blue Bayou Dining Package and that section was not full during the second show. The Hungry Bear section was full.

I don’t think the front is the best view because they make you sit during the show and the railings get in the way. I was towards the front. Jeff_AZ told me after the fact that the back is better because of that.

I wrote about it here: Me Time - #43 by stlouie and here Me Time - #39 by stlouie.

Much appreciated!

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