Fireworks from Yacht Club

Hello everyone! I am currently trying to figure out good rooms to request at the Yacht Club. Does anyone know if there are any rooms where you can watch the Fireworks from? Any other things I should consider when I am putting together a room request?

Thank you so much!

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Also curious to know.

Ooooh, me too! YC Dec. 17 - 22!

I’ve never stayed at the Yacht Club, but have at the Beach Club, both villas and main resort.

The bad news is the rooms mainly face the wrong way for the Illuminations fireworks. We had a room “facing” Epcot, near the secret door so right up in the corner nearest the IG. The trees etc blocked all but the really high ones.

DHS, I think they cut back on the big pyro because of problems with the launch site. But you’ll probably be able to see something with any room that vaguely faces ToT!

In any case, if you have hoppers, you can just nip in each night and watch from the bridge between France and the U.K., and see the whole show. Or just wander over to the bridge before the IG and see the fireworks finale from thee.


Just as a reference, this is Boardwalk 5274, regular room, standard view. We were never in our room for Illuminations/fireworks but think they could somewhat be seen from here.

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We were in room 2093 at Yacht Club in 2015. We could see the fireworks from our balcony. Not a great view, because we could only see the high ones, but still fun.