Fireworks from Poly Beach

Apparently another cup of coffee would be good. I think I just inadvertently posted this under Universal Studios!
I’ve read the the beaches are closed. I am wondering if the Polynesian will still have a movie on the beach and chairs to watch the fireworks and EWP.

As of the other night the beach is completely closed and not accessible by any guest. they have been putting up fences. I don’t know if they have moved the movie viewing area but I would guess it will end up near one of the pools the way it is as non beach resorts.

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I just read on a FB post from Tikiman that the movies had previously been moved to an area away from the beach, and are still being shown outside. It’s in a spot called the Gathering Place, with artificial turf.

From what I understand the movie has been being shown on the Gathering Place grassy area since the spring. :slight_smile: Happy to hear it is still outside!

Any updates?