Fireworks dining packages

Hi all … well very excited as my ADRs opened this morning and I bagged everything I wanted appart from The Crystal Palace for a 5pm meal. I booked Tusker House and Hollywood and Vine and want the free FastPass for the fireworks but I didn’t see any check boxes or anything. Is it just taken as granted that you get the FastPass or am I missing something??

Were you looking for the Rivers of Light and Fantasmic Dining packages? They are specific reservations.

Here is the link to Rivers of Light

Here is Fantasmic



I think they release those packages much closer to the actual day of event. It kinda screws up planning, but that’s how I remember it worked last time. Maybe 90 days out, but I’m not sure.

Hollywood and Vine is booking to October 27th.

Actually, they both are. Sometimes it is only a couple of months and sometimes it is the whole window!

I got my Rivers of Light ADR right at the 180 day window, for a trip over Labor Day.

That is a great change then!! Thanks!

It was not an ideal system before.

Is this a recent policy change?

I got our ROL dining package from Tusker House at 180 day window. (Arriving Sept 10) And our Hollywood & Vine Fantasmic package about 160 day window. (When the 180 day window switched into Oct.)

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Thanks everyone … it will let me book till Halloween but i want to see Fantasmic after Hollywood and Vine on November 1st so I’ll just keep checking. The Crystal Palace is proving difficult to get a reservation anytime other than 2.35pm anyday I try :frowning: