Fireworks - DHS

Does anyone know about Fireworks in DHS during June. We are going to be there on Thursday June 23 and I cannot find any information about if there will be fireworks that night.

Disney has not released anything official yet. “Sometime” this summer the new SW fireworks/projection show will be premiering, but no dates yet. They are still finishing work on the new launch site, as well as the projection towers being built inside the park. It is “believed” that the current SW fireworks will continue up until the new show is ready to premier (possibly with a few “dark” nights), but again, no one really knows. I think after the RoL debacle, Disney is very hesitant to release any date info until they are very certain things are ready to go.

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated

How come there are not any times listed for the current SW fireworks show either?

There are a lot of things not announced or finalized over the next few months. This is annoying to many of us since everything at Disney needs to be planned so far out. They may be hesitant to announce dates after what happened with RoL and it seems as if they are still making preparations at HS for the new show.