Fireworks Dessert Party

I am so excited to finally try the Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party on 12/29! I have DSs 5&3 and so a midday break is a must. I am paranoid about not being able to get back into the MK for the party due to capacity closures. Am I just worrying for nothing? We are staying at CBR and have a car. We will be driving in and parking there that morning. Is it likely we will be able to find a parking spot in the handicapped lot that evening? Should we just leave our car at MK for the day, bus back to CBR for the break and return on the bus so we don’t have to worry about the parking lot closing? Is there another option that I am overlooking? Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

I’d ride the bus

Exciting. I’m interested to know this too. If you have an adr - and that is a prepaid one correct? Will they let you in if the park is full? We’re looking at dessert party for 3rd july.

Resort guests are only locked out if it hits phase 4 closure which is rare and only one or twice a year. The bus for your break is probably a good idea but I’d plan to leave well before closing or wait until after the kiss goodnight as it will be madness with everyone leaving at the end of the night.


Thanks @Outer1

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