Fireworks Dessert Party with Plaza Garden Viewing Tickets

Buy tickets NOW for a dessert party in the beginning of October or wait until things are a little more clear in terms of park opening and restrictions? I’ve heard some say they will buy now in case ticket numbers are limited and some say they would wait. I’m curious of the overall opinion?

Are tickets refundable? I’m not talking about if Disney cancels them…they will refund them then. But I mean, if you book and then later decide that due to whatever limitations are in place at Disney not to go, can you cancel the party and get your money back?

That would be my main concern. If they are refundable, then I’d not hesitate to book them now.

Of course, I have my doubts that they will open up for Fireworks and castle projections anytime soon. PERHAPS fireworks…but the castle projections (the only real reason to bother with the dessert party) seem unlikely because it forces everyone into close proximity with one another.

Of course, there is also the possibility that Disney will close off the park to ONLY those who paid for the dessert party and still have the projections…this would limit the numbers of guests. But at this point, it is all just guesswork.

Which leads me back to saying…are the tickets refundable? If no, then I’d wait. If yes, then no harm in booking now.

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Tickets are refundable.

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I’m waiting

@OBNurseNH when is your trip? I feel like we were in the world at the same time in years past…lol

8/28-9/1 BLT; 9/1-9/6 AKL-K

When it gets closer I’m going to put up a post for those of us there at that time. I have some loose plans with folks but would want to firm them up (and remember with whom they are!) before then.

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Awesome! I’m 8/29-9/7 POFQ

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For an October date, I would buy now. Due to the Halloween parties, there are only 3 dessert party nights per week so from my experience they typically sell out much farther in advance then weeks when there are 5-7 dessert party nights per week. A couple years ago, I waited too long and they were sold out. I kept checking and eventually I got 2 tix after someone canclled closer to the date, but if it were me, I would save the hassle (and risk of not getting tix) and buy early. In fact, I have already purchased my dessert party tix for this October.

If you buy early, make sure to read the cancellation policy and note it on your calendar. I can’t remember off hand, but I think it might be at least 5 days in advance.


Boozy beignets may be in order :wink:

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++ @davej - I would add that if you afford the extra cost, I would buy terrace seating where Disney will be able to better control the social distancing (plus I liked it more that the Garden View).

Thank you everyone!

I went ahead and bought for our October trip. I figured if we cancel, Disney will refund us, and if no fireworks, they would refund us too! With it being during Halloween season, I know my family would not be able to handle the crowds to see the fireworks otherwise.

I also went ahead and booked Hoop Dee Doo, by booking at 180 days we could get Tier 2 and be seated downstairs.


Did you have one of the front tables? I’ve been concerned that the view would be partially blocked by the overhang (or worse if farther back). Many years ago (before the dessert parties), I watched one of the fireworks shows from the terrace and recall that the view was ok, but not great.

We have done both parties and at the Terrace we were in a front row because it is reserved seating and we checked in early (approximately 4:30).

The Garden view was packed … i mean uncomfortably packed … and we opted to stand at the rear of the viewing area rather than be jammed in. Thus my reference to better social distancing.

I know @PrincipalTinker was recently considering both options and perhaps she can chime in.

My recent garden view (both before and after versions) was exactly the same as yours. I used to do the Terrace (when it was the only choice) and I did book it again for April based on the space . I did not want to worry about the crowd. I did a make believe trip report but unfortunately, in reality, it was cancelled.

Cancelled in make believe??

What is this world coming to?!?!

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Ha! I think I am ready for another trip!

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