Fireworks Dessert Party (FDP)

Is either the FDP Tomorrowland Terrace or the FDP Plaza Garden Viewing worth it? I’m interested in getting a prime viewing spot for the fireworks, but how prime is the spot?

We will be doing the FDP Tomorrowland Terrace on 12/7. This will be a first for us so I hope it is worth the $$$

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We are fans of the plaza garden, the view is a great, mostly centered view of the castle. The Terrace is nice for the seat, but the view is off center and further away. We care more about the view, so choose the garden. The crowds outside the viewing areas are crazy crowded, so yes it is worth it for us.


SOOOOOO worth it. I have only done garden viewing, but you will not have to stake out a spot two hours in advance. You can sit and relax before the fireworks.

And the view is amazing. This picture is unedited from my iphone 11 pro:


There should be plenty of threads to search. If you have kids, or anyone that is vertically challenged, and you want a pretty much undisturbed great view, and you like food, I’d 100% recommend the plaza garden. I’d check the food offerings, and if there’s still “hot” savory options for the menu, (cheeseburger egg rolls, spinach dip, and cheese / crackers were offered when we last went) I’d have a late snack, and call the FDP dinner. We stuffed ourselves silly with those cheeseburger egg rolls, they were way better than I thought they’d be (plus, we were hungry from not eating a huge meal early, so that may have made them taste better.)

IMO, 128% worth everything included:
No needing a spot early

No worry about kids on shoulders in front of you after you’ve staked out a perfect spot

No worry about people stepping right in front of your kids 8 sec before the show starts after you’ve staked out a spot for 40 min.

Eat yourself silly

RELAX AND ENJOY THE ENTIRE SHOW - it’s your freekin vacation!


128% agree with @seebee

I will never not do the dessert party ever again.

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We were at Disney when Wishes was still happening and then again right after HEA started.

With the projection heavy show, they have turned the hub into the worst nightmare of congestion and crowds you have ever experienced. If you have a stroller/ECV/Wheelchair like we did, the nightmare increases exponentially.

I have avoided HEA because of this.

We did the Christmas party in 2017 postHEA with the old Christmas show and the hub was fine.

Now, they have turned the party fireworks into projection heavy shows and the horrific crowding has come to party nights.

We paid for the garden dessert party for MNSSHP coming up and am HAPPILY paying the price because it is the only way I would ever watch fireworks or the show from the hub again.

Another benefit to the dessert party if you go during the Christmas or Halloween parties is there are versions of all the specialty desserts that are otherwise scattered throughout the park. Now, I can get a little taste of them all without standing in line after line.

We did the Terrace Party and thought it was worth it. Some people who visit often don’t like it because the fireworks are not centered around the castle but since we hadn’t been in years that didn’t bother us. We really loved having a place to sit and relax. And honestly, I just don’t do crowds. I’d go home before I’d go out in the Hub.

The desserts and snacks were ok, nothing fabulous but certainly there was variety, that was nice. Based on the advice of others, we didn’t have dinner that night, and that was a good choice for us.

See if you can check in early and grab your table. Our hostess definitely knew the best tables for the views and steered us there, but you can check it out yourself, too. The trees can somewhat cover the bottom of the castle, that’s what you want. to avoid. We thought the show was fantastic!


Thanks for the info! This will be DH first trip to Disney and it is an adult only trip. He thought I was crazy when I told him we were going to Disney without kids :grin:

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We’ve done the garden view (both before and after fireworks) and felt it was worth it. But the cost is going up significantly next year and we will likely not do it again.

I’m torn on whether to try it. We’d never do it as a family of 5 due to price. But DH and I will be there alone next month, and most of the add-on events we’d considered splurging on won’t be offered during our trip. I really want a good view of HEA, but we’re not interested in the food. (Have a dinner reservation we don’t want to cancel.)

I think it might be worth it because it’s just for two of you and it’s before the price increase.

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We did the garden party and LOVED it for all the reasons mentioned!!! We won’t do it again though in favor of DAH. It was great though! Sat against the back railing and no one in our way. My daughter still talks about the desserts!


We did the garden for 3rd of July. For a special event, it was worth the $. For a regular night, I wouldn’t spend it. We aren’t really big on dessert, so our primary benefit was the seating (knew that going in). The food was fine, but if you are just in it for the seating, you may as well camp out. You have to arrive pretty early to check in for the party anyway.


You can check in at any time up to 15 minutes prior to them walking you over to the garden. It just depends on how much time you want to spend enjoying the desserts.

I’m attending the Garden View party next week for the first time and I’m super excited. It’s just DD and I so the price wasn’t as bad as when it’s the entire family. When I told her I booked it she was actually upset because she said she didn’t like the view from the Terrace, she was excited when I told her that wasn’t the case. For perspective - DD was a DCP participant and went on a regular basis many nights, so lots of times she was able to walk up and see them or spend time reserving a spot. I’ve never had a good view of HEA - EVER, with the exception of YouTube! I booked is more for the viewing than the food but I’ll gladly enjoy all they have to offer!


I’m not seeing any spots for the Plaza Garden view available for the entire months of January and February. That can’t be right. There’s no way they are completely sold out for all of January and February.

Well I read this thread just out of curiosity, and - long story short - I now have a plaza dessert party booked for our trip :joy:. The projections were my favorite thing from our last trip, so it will be nice to enhance the experience! Thanks to all you wonderful enablers! :wink: :hugs:


Also, if you have a larger group,(we had 5), you’ll be seated back one row but we found that made no difference at all. We had a woman with sparkly ears on sitting by the railing in front of us and it didn’t matter. Also, there was a proposal right before the fireworks so extra fun! :sparkling_heart: