Fireworks dessert parties released fo June yet?

Has anyone been able to make reservations for the Magic Kingdom Fireworks dessert party in June 2018 yet?

No, I keep checking! Every time we call with other questions we ask too and haven’t gotten and tips on when it will be up.

I keep checking on the disney site, too. I had to call for another question, and the custimer service rep said that reservations should be able to be made 180 days in advance. I tried explaining that I was online at 6am on our 180 day prior to begin dining reservations and the fireworks dessert party was not available. I keep checking daily.

I have been checking daily about reserving the Happily Ever After plaza garden view dessert party for a day in June. We have been able to make our ADR’s since mid December. I have even called Disney about this, and each rep I’ve spoken to said I should be able to reserve it 180 days in advance, and if I can’t then it must be sold out. The calendar, though, shows no dates in bold blue type past Memorial Day. Any idea on what the hold up is with this or has anyone successfully reserved a dessert party in late May or June yet? I’m wondering if they are going to “change” these dessert party options somehow for the summer or maybe change prices? Thanks!

I spoke to a CM yesterday while making another reservation. She confirmed that dessert party dates for HEA hadn’t been released past May yet. She just said that sometimes they don’t release those dates until closer. Her thought was that June dates would be openend up sometime within the next few weeks.

I believe it has often been reported in this forum that dessert party and dinner/show packages are often not available at 180 days and, sometimes, not opened up until under 100 days.

No knowledge, but I am looking for the HEA garden plaza party as well, so, I know your pain. @eightyeightkeys. :slight_smile:

Bumping this up…

Anybody having trouble searching for the dessert parties? For the last couple of days, when I search on Disney’s site, I can’t even get the dessert parties to show.

If I Google it, I can go directly to the page, but not through WDW search function.


I easily found the various dessert parties on the dining page of Disney’s site. I don’t try to search. Some of the names make it tricky to spot. Dates don’t show beyond late May for the MK ones.

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I’m pretty relaxed about this stuff so I’ve only very occasionally been checking the HEA dessert party for my date in June. I have it bookmarked in my favourites and only check about a dozen times a day. No dice so far.

By contrast, the FEA/IllumiNations dessert party doesn’t even have any dates in May available, let alone June. The Fantasmic dessert/VIP viewing experience has dates throughout June. The Star Wars dessert party has dates throughout June also.

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I’m waiting for June as well. Someone will post when it happens, I’m sure :slight_smile:

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I’m stalking the end of May. No reason to believe they won’t keep having the parties but getting frustrated at 77 days out.

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I, too, can no longer even find the dessert parties on the WDW website. Are they discontinuing them?

They’ve done something to the search function. It’s hopeless now.

Hmm. I bookmarked the HEA dessert party, but the link is suddenly not working.

But the FEA one is still there, though there are hardly any dates.

I had bookmarked HEA dessert party as well and it doesn’t work…



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Page is back up. Still no June dates. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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haha I am looking for this too! Just booked a surprise return trip and am scurrying to try to get everything lined up. Last time I planned ahead by 8 months, this time I have a mere 88 days…but somehow this site has me confident I can do it!

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I need early June dates too, why are they waiting so long :frowning:

My guess now is that after March 27, it will be 60 days until the end of the parties… my guess is that sometime after that they will release dates for June and July…

the calendar finally opened to summer today! but it might take a little while to be able to book them. This happened to me when I booked the Star Wars dessert party.
the dates opened on the calendar, but it took till the next day where it would let me make a reservation.

good grief! I edited this four times so far, so excited to book this, I can’t type!
it’s for the MK Plaza garden and Terrace viewings…

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How can you view them on the website? I just looked and can’t find them anymore