Fireworks Cruise - MK or Epcot?

I am taking my family to Disney world at the end of September before the 50th anniversary. I wanted to book us a fireworks cruise but couldnt decide between the MK or Epcot show. Which is better from the boat?

Good question! I want to know too.

I have only done the MK one but my reasoning at the time (July 2018) was…

  • It is far easier to get a good “spot” to watch EPCOT’s fireworks in the park, than it is to get one at MK (without paying for a party, etc).
  • I read reports/reviews that shared that there were a lot of EPCOT boats and many would be stacked up behind each other near the France/England bridge and didn’t offer views that were as good as the ones in the front.

We LOVED our MK Fireworks cruise…I can’t say enough good things about it. :slight_smile:


I echo everything above. Definitely MK would be my choice as I may also be booking one the week before the 50th.

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We have done both a couple of times- not sure how it will work with the new shows but often Epcot cruises ( depending on wind ) get caught up in the smoke

Good point about the wind blowing the smoke at Epcot. With HEA, the whole point is the castle projections telling the story as it goes thru the show which you can’t see from the boats but the fireworks are still pretty awesome. If you’ve seen HEA before, I’d out for that cruise to see it from a different perspective.