Fireworks at HS

I am confused about fireworks at HS. We plan to be at HS on Wed 6/29/16. What is the difference between “Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular” and “Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular”? I am assuming Star Wars is the newer show which will replace Symphony. WDW website says opening in June, but calendar shows Symphony in the Stars on 6/29. Is this another maybe/maybe not attraction like RoL, Jungle Book, and Frozen? We have only ever seen Fantasmic. Are other fireworks worth staying for?

You are right; it’s a maybe/maybe not kind of thing. The current DHS FW are spectacular; I like them better than Wishes and are definitely worth seeing. The new show, when it opens, should be even better as in addition to the FW, there will be other special effects and projections on the Chinese Theater and surrounding buildings. There is also a small “stage show” that goes along with the FW.

Thanks! In your experience, where is the best spot to view them?

I agree with bswan. Symphony in the Stars is great. We watched it from a bench by Echo Lake because getting away from the throngs is more important to us than a 100% optimal view. Visibility and music were still great from over there.