Fireworks at Bay Lake Tower

I am trying to narrow down what resort we want to stay at. I probably will try for a standard view at Bay Lake Tower, but that room will unlikely give us a view of the fireworks. I have heard there is a viewing area open to guests on another floor, but I am unsure whether this is only for for DVC members or whether anyone who stays at Bay Lake Tower can access that room.

It’s for DC members and their guests. Not for guests just staying at BLT.

There is conflicting info about the Top of the World Lounge - some renters get up and some don’t. We rented points at BLT this past February and had no issue getting in.
You can always watch from the footbridge that connects BLT and the Contemporary. We were the only people viewing from there one night during our stay.
If you are debating where to stay, my vote goes to BLT every time! We are renting points there again in Feb/Mar2016. Can’t wait!

I’m glad to hear you say that @egkleinmann. I usually am in the mindset of “if it happens, it happens”. We’re staying at BLT in January, for our DD’s birthday. I figure we’ll ask if we can go up. Worst thing they can say is no.

Thank you, egkleinmann. We have young grandchildren who love fireworks, but I don’t want to fight the crowds so late at night. If you can give me a little more explaination, that would be terrific. Is there a person as you get off the elevator monitoring who is trying to enter? Is the music piped into the room? It is good to know that we have an alternative if we can’t get in. One of the reasons I was considering BLT was the viewing of the fireworks, as it is much more expensive then AKL, which is our second choice.

We went up during the day just to look around but, yes, music is piped in during the fireworks. If I remember correctly, music was playing on the footbridge as well.
As far as getting up there, we just took the elevator to the 16th(?) floor. There was a host-stand but nobody was there (maybe because it was mid-day?) so we just walked around without interacting with any CMs.

If you do decide to stay at BLT, it is well worth it to get a room with a view of the castle. Request the best view possible. We stayed there a few years ago and had a perfect view of the fireworks. I think we were on the 3rd floor. Got to just sit and relax on our balcony. I think there was a TV channel that had the music. My 5 yr old even enjoyed watching the fireworks while sitting in the bathtub. Yes, you could open the sliding panel from the bath to the bedroom, look out the floor to ceiling windows, and watch the fireworks from the tub! BLT definitely spoiled us. Wish we could afford to stay there every trip.