Fireworks and crowds?

What are your favorite ways to see the night time entertainment during crowded times? Find an ideal spot & sit? FPP? Dessert party (which ones?)? Meal vouchers (which ones?)?
Already think we’ll book the HEA dessert party. Touring with DH & DD (9).

Following along. We will likely do the F! dining package if we eat at HBD or MM. Illuminations isn’t a problem to find a spot IMO. And we will likely skip ROL, as it’s pretty cool but not a must do again. DH and I did the HEA dessert party in May and it was a good event and gave us a good view without having to worry about it. I would do it again. But for my family for next spring break, it looks like it will cost about $360. That’s pretty pricey for a few cupcakes and a spot to watch but spring break crowds, so I don’t know.

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I don’t tend to use one of our 3 initial FPPs on nighttime entertainment, but we have been able to get those as an additional FPP. We have done all the dessert parties and dining packages for reserved seating. I think that the ROL dining package is worth it if there is only one ROL showing that night. The SW dessert party probably has the best food selection but that’s not saying much. Mostly the dessert parties are about the reserved viewing area and not the food. We loved the FEA dessert party a few months ago. The viewing spot is great and you are able to sit at a table. There are some savory and some sweet options. And then there’s the bonus of getting to ride FEA after hours. Wonderful.

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Yeah, I’ve been especially wondering about RoL. We’ve never seen it. Also DD has never seen F! And is really into villains right now (thank you, Descendants :joy:).

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A dining package is the only way I’ll even consider F!. I gave up on MK fireworks years ago because I can’t handle staking out a place 45-60 minutes in advance, fighting off all of the people who will try to steal it, and then still not being able to see the show because the yahoo in front of you hoists his kid up on his shoulders just as it starts. I’ve never seen FEA, so on my next trip I’ll probably suck it up and do a desert party. I plan on doing the Tiffins/ROL dining package. Not sure about the SW dessert package in DHS; I’ve never seen that show either, and again might suck it up and do a dessert party. There are lots of good spots to watch Illuminations in EP.