Fireworks and crowd control

Is it me, or is WDW getting worse at keeping walkways clear at parade / fireworks times?
We went late one night to MK, and I am glad we had the cow catcher, I mean stroller, because people were straight up blocking the walkways and totally ignoring the whole 2 castmembers telling them to move / clear the walkways.
And we were taking the alternate less traveled walkways.
Next time Ill give my daughter a cattle prod.
Or remember to get there 20 min BEFORE the FW start.


I wouldn’t say Disney is getting worse at keeping walkways clear, I would say some people feel entitled to do what they want. I saw many people deliberately ignoring CMs who were telling everyone to clear the walkway. The CMs had to basically stand right next to them and repeat loudly that they would have to move.


I think that all of this has to do with HEA after more castle projections and less fireworks. Anybody who wants to see them has to stand in front of the castle, whereas with Wishes, great views were found all around the MK. The crowds were much smaller and easier to manage before, but now it is just claustrophobic madness!

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Can I link to this question - wondering if they require Main Street to be open during OUAT and/or HEA? or do people stand in the street too to watch?