Firework/evening shows for holidays at Hollywood studios

I’ve been trying to find information about a holiday show at Hollywood studios. Do they have anything to replace Osborne lights? I know there is some kind of Star Wars thing at night there now right???

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The Star Wars show is a projection show, with some fireworks at key moments.

At some point in November 2016 they stopped it and instead had some other Christmassy type show, with characters from Zootopia I think (not seen the film, had no idea who they were when I read about it).

Then for the actual Christmas to New Year week they ran both. Thankfully!

We’ll have to wait until much closer to see what they do this year. I think Star Wars will still be there, but just guessing!

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I think we will have to wait to closer to see what is offered. I am hoping for the Star Wars fireworks but we shall see.

“Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam!” was projections of characters from the ABC tv specials with Prep & Landing, along with clips from various Disney movies and cartoons that were Christmas or snow themed, plus fireworks and lasers.

Was the jungle bell/ bam thing ant good and worth seeing ? I just wonder if it’s crowded there at night or if we’d be better off just leaving for dinner and then going elsewhere.

Ah, that’s what it was! I knew it was something I hadn’t seen. Thanks!

We watched the Star Wars one earlier, then watched Fantasmic. Didn’t bother rushing back to watch the JBJB.

Has anyone seen this jingle bam holiday show at HS. I’m trying to plan ADR and don’t know if we should stick around to watch it