Firework dessert or park fare

would you rather leave mk and go to 1900 park fare for a 8pm dinner or stay in the park and do the 630 firework dessert party? I have two children (7 and 5) so 8pm is late for dinner but it is vacation :slight_smile:

I would say the fireworks dessert party. HEA is an amazing show and being able to see the fireworks away from the crowd is such a great experience.

I agree with @PrincipalTinker. Dessert party would be my pick. Crowds at HEA were one of my least favorite parts of our recent trip.

If you aren’t on the dining plan, then I would agree with the responses and say HEA dessert party. If you could use a table service credit for Park Fare then I would lean that way rather than pay extra for HEA. However, there is probably plenty of other food beyond dessert that you could use to fill up on. There are only so many desserts one can eat…so you really are paying for the premium viewing spot.