Finishing Out 40 - A [Tape Delayed] Trip Report

So not live because I’m traveling with my DH, DD4, and DS1 and we try not to use our phones too much in front of the littles (true story: DD4 the other day was playing with DH and raised her wrist to her mouth and said, “what time should we meet dot dot dot” because apparently I use ellipses a lot when voice texting on my Apple Watch…)

But - as I get the chance to recap some of the day’s shenanigans, I’ll do so here. For background on the trip, see my pre-trip report here: Eeeevah’s PreTrip Report

The plan today is pretty tame - we leave for the airport in t-minus 52 minutes and are meant to land in Sanford around 2pm. We’ll pick up the rental car, drive to our (gasp!) offsite resort, unpack, and head to DS for an early dinner of chicken and donuts at Homecomin’.

No parks tonight because children + travel days. But PPO ADR at BoG tomorrow barring traffic issues because of the marathon…thinking of you @JordanRunner @MouseGirl42 and @Shellott-hill!


Safe journey! Homecomin’ is so yummy!

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Thanks for the words of encouragement.

I wouldn’t fret about staying offsite…that’s what I am doing. I am staying at one for the friendly neighbor hotels and can see DS from my window.

Have a a safe trip and welcome home!

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@eeeevah, have a great trip!

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Just finished dinner at Homecomin’ and the kids are definitely done for the day. We had the deviled eggs (amazing), split a harvest salad, and the thigh high chicken biscuits before taking a bag of donuts to go. DD4 got the fish sticks off the kids menu which, I have to say, we’re ridiculously tasty. Maybe I just set my expectations too high but I have to say - donuts were just okay. But no matter - in the morning we’re off to get some grey stuff…

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How exciting! Can’t wait to follow along!

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Wanted to leave the hotel by 6:45 given the potential marathon traffic this am and we were out the door at 6:41. Got through security at 7:30. Let in through tapstyles at exactly 7:45. Had oatmeal and Gaston’s charcuterie platter and of course the grey stuff in the West Wing. Got in the 7DMT line at 8:40 and were on the 3rd or 4th train. LOVED it. But I’m sure the ride pic will show DD4 did NOT…

Then rope dropped UtS and met Ariel. Then headed to HM for first fast pass. DD4 insisted she wanted to ride but bailed after the stretch room. Now we’re waiting in line to meet Aladdin and Jasmine because all she wants to do now is meet princesses…we’ll see if we can’t get her on some more rides yet. In the meantime, might as well enjoy a dole whip…
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Love it! Our DS6 rode HM w no problems at 4, but has recently become scared of EVERYTHING and I’m not even sure I should try.

My kids are NOT fans of HM. They aren’t old enough to appreciate the coolness of the attraction and just find it odd and creepy.

Aladdin and Jasmine helped turn the tide. After that meet and greet, we used FP for JC, rode the magic carpets, used FP for PotC, mobile ordered lobster rolls from CHH, grabbed another FP for Dumbo, then IASW, then we went on a hunt to meet more characters - managed the Fairy Godmother, Anastasia and Drizella (and we got them to sing with us!) and then Gaston before calling it for the day. We were originally going to head back to the hotel for a midday break and go back to the park tonight but since DD1 was content napping in the stroller and DD4 was up for the additional rides and meet and greets, we powered through. Left around 3:15 and saw a preview of the parade we’ll see as part of the package on Thursday. We’re back at our resort for an early night, maybe a swim, and a good night’s sleep before Epcot in the am.


Great photos! How were the lobster rolls? And what did you sing with the stepsisters?

Delicious! (My husband would say, “they were good - for Maine style lobster rolls…”). And “Sing Sweet Nightingale” - we just told them we loved singing it and started and they joined in for the whole verse!


Love it!

Got to Epcot at 8:38 and RD’d Living with the Land (DD4 has decided she doesn’t want to do any rides that go backward so nixed Spaceship Earth right away - we’ll see if we can’t change her mind before the day’s out). Then the Seas and Figment before meeting Anna and Elsa. Then some empanadas from the Cantina before getting in line to use our FPs for FEA. FEA then shut down so our FPs converted to any times, so we started a princess quest heading counter clockwise around the showcase. We’ve only managed Aurora so far but are in line for country Belle, who should arrive in the next few minutes. Then maybe some Artisan de Glace… DH has just taken DD4 to watch Serveur Amusant while DS1 and I hold our spot in line. I’ve got a partia view and just love that dude.
image image image


Met Belle and had ice cream. Then DD4 needed a “break” so we took the friendship boat and saw the Pixar short films. Nothing compares to your little kid squealing the first time they see a classic caper cartoon in 3D… and that rest was just what she needed. From there we walked all the way back to Germany, met Snow White, then to China to meet Mulan. Back to Norway for our FEA anytime FPS. Then to Via Napoli for dinner. House salad and the specialty white pizza with porchetta and broccoli rabe and an Aperol Spritz for mom and dad. A slow walk back to the entrance while taking in the world at night (it’s still stunning to me despite the construction - though I am looking forward to the next visit!). Right before exiting, we saw Goofy with only two people in line so we got one last autograph and photo before going back to the car. DS1 had passed out in the stroller before we had left world showcase and DD4 didn’t make it out of the parking lot.

Tomorrow we’re off to Animal Kingdom with a relatively light plan so the kiddos can enjoy some time at the pool during the day.

(And sorry so many of my pics are posting sideways - I’m on my phone or I’m sure I could figure out what’s going wrong…)


What did she think about the backwards section of FEA?

So she actually chose not to ride. I had taken her on it a year and a half ago when she was still sort of scared of Marshmallow (would have us fast forward those parts of the movie). I had told her we’d see him on the ride and I’d let her know when it was coming - unfortunately, the she thought the “mist” you go through before you see him was Marshmallow - and that he was trying to grab her. So now she has like PTSD. She waited in line with us and talked to several people - including a lovely cast member who assured her Marshmallow couldn’t hurt her if she had anything Olaf on her and then gave her an Olaf sticker. But when we got to the front, we told her it was her choice and she said no. They let us RS right at the loading section so DS1 rode twice while DH and I took turns. But to get to the very long winded half answer - she didn’t mind the backward drop last time and I think she would’ve been fine this time. We’ve talked to her about the fact that if a ride doesn’t have a seatbelt, it has to be very gentle or it wouldn’t be safe. So she trusts that and doesn’t make a big deal then…


Day 3 and we’re taking it a bit easier. (Quick side story: when checking in to this hotel, the manager was very excited to circle the three swimming pools on the map and assure me they stayed open until 1am…I’m like, “Great! What opens at 5 in the morning?” My kids were both asleep by 7 last night but they were up at 4:15 this am.)

So PPO ADR at Tusker House this am. I was on the fence on whether we’d do this since we’d meet the characters elsewhere and weren’t planning on leveraging for FoP or anything. But with how early the kids have been getting up, we decided to just go with it. So glad we did. Got a pic in front of the Tree of Life with no one else in it. And the food was delicious. (I’m pretty sure I could live on Jungle Juice and their Chicken Curry for days…) And the characters were great, too

Then headed to safari and gorilla exploration. Got to see a mama playing with her baby, which was spectacular. Then we met Pocahontas and headed to TriceraTop Spin because DD4 wanted to “ride rides.” DH took her on 2x while I walked around with DS1 and caught Kevin. Then got in the line to meet Dug and Russell before heading back to the hotel for a break.

We’ve got the FotLK tier 2 package to head back for this afternoon.

Also? @OBNurseNH said the parks would keep the Christmas decorations up until after the marathon, so I knew we’d see the tree at MK on Sunday but every day I’ve been delighted to see them still up - the AK ones are absolutely the best.


Hahahaha oh this is us entirely, 100%


After a rest and some lunch at the hotel, we headed back around 2 to pick up our vip tickets for Lion King and get DH an afternoon Starbucks. They saw my birthday pin and gave me a complimentary warm iced Mickey cinnamon bun. @Randall1028 will be disappointed to know that even among the 4 of us, we only finished about half. But we wanted to save room for Tiffins.

Saw the show - DH and DD4 really liked it but I think DS1 enjoyed it the most. He loves to “roar” and we were in the lion section. And he loves when people clap. It was really cute to watch him. I also just love experiencing things I’ve already done and loved with people experiencing it for the first time. DH has already said that AK far exceeded his expectations and he can’t wait to return when the kids are older (or we leave them with a sitter)!

The kids definitely needed to burn off energy so next we went to the Boneyard and let them play for about an hour. What a great space for littles! We met Rafiki and then headed to Tiffins

Got to walk through “the sacred space” on our way to the table and I can see why it’s beloved by so many on this forum. I’d totally camp out there on a solo or adults only trip.

Anyway, I was convinced on another thread to do the Tier 2 package - it’s a testament to how much they upcharge the food that they’re able to offer this deal. For $74 per adult, we got a half glass of champagne, a full beverage (anything but a cocktail), appetizer, entree, and dessert. Basically $90 worth of food plus vip seating for FotLK… I don’t get the math but this package is so worth it. And the food was great. DH has the charred octopus and tenderloin. I got the house salad and market fish. I was in the mood for something lighter but DH’s meal won the night. The kids were at their limit by this point so we ordered the cheese trio and Lion King dessert to go. Unfortunately they gave us the cheese trio and the cheesecake, which we didn’t discover until back at the hotel. I feel like that’s too much cheese - even if we’re at the Mouse’s home…

Today the plan is HS relatively early - don’t need or want an AM BG so we’ll take our time. Do Toy Story Land, meet Bo and Woody, maybe see a show, then bring the kids back to the hotel for a swim and a rest before the babysitter arrives and mom and dad can enjoy Batuu like proper adults.