Finding out room allocation

Hi All,

I’m staying at AKL from Saturday for a couple of weeks. I did the room request through TP and was just wondering, can you find out your room allocation a day or so before arriving, or only on arrival.

Just very excited (and impatient). By no means the end of the world if I don’t get our preferences, just looking forward to being there!!


You won’t know until they assign it day of.


Okay thanks

I hear ya. Just saw a DFB video about tempering expectations for WDW trip - I needed to see that!!! Sounds like you have the right attitude


We came this past April and didn’t get anything we requested. Here now and got all of our requests (bldg #, ground floor) so it’s hit and miss. I did see on the MDE app that you can chat with someone before you arrive so maybe that might help.

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