Finding Nemo - The Musical Refurb?

When I was making FPs this morning I noticed that Finding Nemo - The Musical has “FastPass+ Service Unavailable” (not “There are no more FastPass+ times for this experience, but standby may be available.”) This would be late April (I was looking specifically at 4/23). I couldn’t find anything about it being closed on TP or elsewhere. I wasn’t planning to FP it but my daughter would like to see it.

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Interesting. The same thing happened to BTMRR during our trip dates in May, and it wasn’t long afterwards that it was added to the Disney Calendar as being closed for refurbishment…so perhaps that’s what’s happening?

Or…it could just be Disney IT glitching again. :slight_smile:

I remember reading somewhere that they are using the Nemo theater for something else for a few days around Earth Day. Maybe that’s related to what you are seeing.

Interesting, there are several days around that timeframe with no FP availability for Nemo or FOTLK

See here:

I heard the earth day weekend was April 18-22 so might be it