Finding Nemo The Musical at the end of the day

Hello all,
My family and I only have a couple days at DW, and right now we are planning on trying to crank out AK in one afternoon. The most optimized TP has us seeing FN at 4, which is the last show of the day, but that makes me nervous; we really don’t want to miss the show! Have people been turned away from the last show of the day before? How full does the theater usually get in the late afternoon?

What time off year are you going? It’s a big theatre, but during peak times I guess it could full up.

I went to the 4:00 show this week and arrived at about 3:45 and had no problems but it was not the last show of the day. We too had a short trip and had only an afternoon for AK. We got into the park a little after 1:00 and left around 5:30. During that time we had lunch, saw Lion King and Nemo, Everest, Kali, Safari and had a snack. Also spent a little time browsing shops. Another option with the touring plan if you are nervous is to move it to the time you want and evaluate rather than optimize. I have always been at AK at RD until this time. It really clears out late afternoon. It was nice.

Every time I’ve seen it it’s been the final show of the day and have never had a problem.

We are going in mid August. I adjusted our schedule, and I think I have a plan that is safer. Thanks!