Finding Dory or Festival of the Lion King

Will be in AK with time for either Finding Dory or Lion King. Traveling with a 3 and 7 year old.

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

I vote Festival of the Lion King! Nemo is good too but I think Lion King is more exciting–the tumble monkeys are the best!


I presume you mean Finding Nemo, not Finding Dory.

Festival of the Lion King is better. Both are good, but the artistry of Lion King gives it an edge up.


oops, Finding Nemo. I had Dory on the brain :slight_smile:

I asked this question not long ago. Thread below. Majority vote seems to go to FOTLK, but my kid loves sharks and all things water-life-related, so after speaking with DH, we are doing Nemo with kids ages 5 and 7.


Lion King without a second thought. Way more exciting for kids. So much going on with the colours, acrobats, etc.


Totally agree that FOLK is much more exciting but if you are looking for a break, the seats and air conditioning in Nemo are a better bet.



Nemo just has never hit the right notes with me. I’ll see it but I don’t miss it when I don’t. I am very very sad if I miss FOTLK


Looks Like Lion King wins in a knock out. Thank you guys!!!

Definitely FOTLK.

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Is the FOTLK like the Broadway show?

No. There are singers and acrobats, I don’t know how to describe it to be honest.


There are some good YouTube videos that just show a snippet. It looks super cool.


We went to Nemo when grands littler, 2 1/2 and 4. Glad we did then, seemed just right for those ages. Sat up front (used fpps, I know lots say don’t bother, but we wanted to be up front). Which was really cool IMO, bubbles from ceiling, they were entranced. And that day we needed a really comfy break from Aug heat.

Last trip, when 4 and 6 we skipped shows in AK.

This trip, we’re going to Lion King, which I’m always hearing folks like even better. Looking forward to finally seeing it, this year with 8,8,7 and 6 yr olds, family fun! Again, I got fpps for all 9 of us. It will allow us to skip the recommended (required?) 1/2 hour standing in hot sun at 10:30.

Planning to check w CM, but I believe w fpps, we can show up 15 mins b4. I found out w Nemo, even w fpps have to show up 15 mins b4, that is the rule w shows I guess. They wouldn’t let us in that show that year, b/c we showed up about 8 mins b4 show.

I was able to get fpps for us for next show, which we dutifully showed up the required 15 mins b4. Not sure why they do it that way, but it took me by surprise w fpps that first time.

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Definitely FOTLK

Regarding FPP for the shows: in AK, on our way to FOTLK, I was able to get 4 FPP for the show while walking to it. I could have grabbed Finding Nemo if I had preferred. Those FPP are fairly easy to get the day of!

The show fpps really are easy to get, as we found out when they wouldn’t let us in with the 1st fpps.

A word of caution tho, the shows don’t go on all day. :star_struck: (What happened to “the show must go on” haha?)

I think the last one is mid or late afternoon? So if you’re planning to get a 4th for the show, check your plan for the day, to plan the 4th fpps accordingly.


The show starts at a certain time, and they need time to get everyone seated. The FPP holders get “first dibs” on seats, and then everyone else has to fill in as needed. If the FPP holder shows up too late, the seats would be filled by the standby folks. They can’t wait to seat guests until all the FPP holders show up because then there wouldn’t be enough time for them to seat the standby guests.

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Thanks @ryan1. That explains it. Also, I guess the SB folks who show up under the 30 minute window take their chances re getting in. Either not enough seating, or maybe if not there @that time, they’d get turned away?