Finally found a reason to love the Disney app

I’m here this week. Was really bummed when I found out part of the skyliner would be down Sunday-Friday, which is almost my entire stay.
Got a push notification from the Disney app today alerting me that the skyliner was back up and operational sooner than expected.
Not sure I’d have known otherwise. At least not that quickly!


Nice! Yep Disney has had that scheduled for months now.

Kudos to them for getting it opened early and for the heads up months in advance on that one.

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If they can do that they can send a push notification when it’s down at closing so you don’t walk a mile to the SL station in EP to be told it’s down, walk a mile back to the front for the buses. (I’m not still bitter about that 11 pm walk 8 months ago at all.)


…only to have the SL open back up while waiting for a bus that never comes and have to walk back to the SL again. No. No bitterness at all. :wink: