Finally doing a trip report

So I went in Jan for my first trip in 3 years for 8 days. Went solo and approached the parks commando style. In the end, I rode everything I wanted (including fav FOP x6). So here I am again with a 3 day Mother’s Day solo trip, but only 3 days this time. But this time, I will trip report on how to get out of lines. You must understand, I have no tolerance for lines, the whole time value of money. Easy to say when you are solo. So here goes…. On my flight watching pirates of the Caribbean. So far I have learned that for $5, I can connect to wifi on my delta flight for Seattle to Orlando. So far I booked ILL for 7D, JC and PPF. My flight gets in at 430pm, then Lyft, then to MK. More to follow


And my goal is to do more relaxing and taking in the environment. Especially AK at night.

Today - mk until close at 11pm
Sunday - HS until close at 9pm. Goal is to ride RofR at least twice
Monday - AK until 5 and then off to Epcot for extended evening hours

Goals: FOP x3, RotR x2, HM x2, and all the other fun that is possible (I really love shows and entertainment).

Only have one ATR for Boma for Tuesday morning. Tuesday is my no park day - Boma, pool, character warehouse, then fly home…

More to come


Oh and I am doing this insane staying at dolphin, then swan, then dolphin. Saved $100 this way and using Marriott points to pay for one night. This is what happens when an accountant goes to WDW…


I love it! I would split stay x 2 to save $100 too. :joy: Use that cash for genie+ and ILL. Have all the fun!


Sounds like a great plan!

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That’s absolutely something I would do (and will be doing next week again) and coincidentally my background is also accounting.