Finally buying DVC!

So… I finally was able to make all the numbers work and am officially going to be buying into DVC. Probably a smaller investment to start so I don’t have to finance anything. After a year of trying to make it work, it finally will. Yay!

Sorry, just had to post my excitement somewhere and the random strangers I tried telling today didn’t seem to care!!


Congratulations!! So excited for you and your family…and very jealous😀

But the strange randomers here probably do - congrats!

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WooHoo!!! Congrats!


So exciting!

We have decided we want in on DVC, but we have to wait a couple of years until a Major Family Move is completed. But after that we’ll jump on in.

Where (home resort) are you hoping to buy??

OKW for 100 points to start, enough to give us flexibility for a few trips with 3 of us and then in 3-5 years will likely add on when the granddaughter is a little older and can join us :smile:

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Before you sit down with DVC salesmen, I recommend you learn about the resale market and the typical prices you would pay per point via that route vs buying from DVC, as well as any benefits of ownership you would lose by buying resale. Timeshare Users Group is a good place to start, and you’ll find that after you’ve bought your DVC, you will continue to use those forums to learn how to best use your ownership.


I am going resale. I’ve been researching and watching the trends for a couple of years now. I am as well prepared for the buying process as I think anyone can be. It will all be brand new once it closes so having a resource for that will be good!

Excellent. Just wanted to be sure. A lot of people go into timeshare not knowing there is a secondary market.

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Congrats Random. We’ve been DVC members since 1994 and have never regretted it. I think at the time the price per point was about $40. It’s nice to be able to go to Disney World with a somewhat carefree attitude. Just some advice. It’s best to book your vacation at the 11 month booking mark. If you wait too long, your home resort might be filled. This is especially true during the high tourist season. One more thing. You will come across people who think you made a mistake in your purchase. We did and we just ignored them. Funny thing, the same people keep asking me if we have any unused points for them to use. You can tell them all about the fun you had at Magic Kingdom. Welcome to the Club!

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Congratulations! You are going to love it!! We have had out DVC membership since 2010 and it has been wonderful to use it at the parks on both coasts and in Hawaii. Our kids are 17 and 20 and we are especially looking forward to the time when we are grandparents and can have our whole family together in a DVC condo. I think starting out small is a good idea, you can always save your points and get the resort you want. Our home resort is AK and we have never had a problem getting a room there or at other resorts. Our next trip is January 2017 and we are going to try and get a studio at the Poly, can’t wait!!!

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Sitting in ROFR limbo…twiddling my thumbs… halfway through…

Ended up making an offer on HHI for a few reasons: First and foremost my wife and I love to golf so we will actually use the points there. The drive to HHI is about 70% of the way for us so drive there, spend a few days and then head to WDW. The lower buy in per point cost allowed me to get more points. I know the dues are higher but I got that covered. and the locations I will mostly want to book in WDW are readily available at 7 months anyway.

So yeah… back to twiddling my thumbs…

Congrats! We bought resale a few years ago and we are so glad we did!!! I think I almost had a nervous breakdown waiting for Disney to approve ROFR! Ha! We bought 150 points at OKW! Love it!

@randomacts - we are there with you!! we are past ROFR but waiting (not so patiently) for our closing docs. =) congrats!

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