Finally! A Pin Code

That I can’t use… :rofl:
I’ve been waiting for a pin code for YEARS. I finally get one, it’s for my dates, but I can’t use it bc I’m already booked on an amazing bargain through UT. There no way this pin code is gonna to beat 40% off AKL Standard but actually getting CR TPV.
I know it seems ridiculous, but I’m actually mad about it, lol!!

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Well at least you can see it… mine says

Error:The information provided does not match that in our records. Please check the information and try again.
Since we’ve moved soooo many times I tried the last 5 zip codes… NO luck.

Oh no, that REALLY sucks.
Mine was 35% off. Maybe if you call?

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will do

I just read on another forum that a lot of people are having this problem - so definitely call.



Ha, I ran here to check if it happened to anyone else. I also finally got a PIN code and it says it doesn’t match their records when I click. I guess I will call later!

oh! I got one finally, too! Too bad we can’t travel this year. sigh

A PIN code for what?

Room discounts.
It’s basically the same offer that’s being given to residents of certain southern states, but without that restriction. Up to 35% off.

Ah, I was curious why some were getting this while I wasn’t. I’m a GA resident, so I already got a discount offer.

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Umm… I would joyfully and gratefully take anyone’s pin codes! Is that transferable?! :grin:

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Sadly not anymore… They used to be a long time ago, but now they are attached to a specific name and address.