Final Tweaks HS Question


7 days out and making my final tweaks. We are going to HS EMM next Wednesday. With that in mind we are going to head out before park opens and sign up for an evening jedi training, meet a character do Star Tours with a 9:20 FP and then grab the breakfast that goes along with it. Fit in a couple more characters, shows and then leave around 12"30 for some rest since it’s such an early wake up. Plan is to come back and we have a FP for Little Mermaid, RnR and VIP seating for Fantasmic. To give you a rough idea of day.

SO… does the FPP seem a bit redundant since most people at 9:20 are going to TSL or ToT/ RnR? Should I drop that FPP and get one for the 10:30 showing of Frozen? TP says to do it the way I have it, but my gut is wavering…


I’ve heard that most people doing the EMM head to breakfast after doing TSL and a ride or 2. I can tell you, I’ve had the FP for Frozen and it has never mattered if I have it or don’t have it as we all wait in the same area.


Yeah, if we get there early I may send my husband in for a couple of pastries, but we wont actually sit and eat the breakfast until just before the 10am cut off. Toughen up kids! We’ve got rides to ride! :slight_smile:
Good to know about Frozen, my TP essentially says “use all the FPPs for everything” Pretty low key about this particular day but didn’t want to set myself up for disaster either


I’ve walked in to Frozen with minutes to go – as long as you don’t care where you sit (though never at a very high crowd time, so I don’t think one can plan for it to cut it that close). If you are there early you get more choice of seats, but if you don’t mind where you sit you could use the FPP for somewhere else. Unless you want to use it early as part of a plan to use all three early and then go for more.


We are doing the EMM for DHS on 3/13 and EMM for MK on 3/10. When the crowds come in, we will be heading to out to a ride and then breakfast. Then it is go time. Our big reason for the EMM at DHS was to see how many times we can ride TSMM as that is our favorite ride there. Should be interesting. Oh and I am sure my wife will beat me most of the time. I think she wants to try and set the high score for the day and also beat her high score.


I love it too, but my arm can’t handle too many rides. When we did EMM at HS we headed to TSMM first and they let us ride twice without going back in line so hopefully that will happen for you too.


On our honeymoon, we were asked if we wanted to ride it again. To me that is like someone who loves FOP riding it and asked would you like to ride it again. That trip, our last time, we rode it a total of, I believe 21 times. It was a lot of fun and yes it can get rough on the string pulling hand. Another thing we did discover is that if we work together, we both get higher scores than if we work against each other.




yes and she beat me all but I believe 1 time. It was a ball. We were laughing, picking on each other and we looked like a couple of kids. We also stuck out for a few reasons. I had to use a scooter because I had broke my leg and was wearing a boot along with us both wearing the bride and groom mickey ears. Other than 1 time, we always went to the same place so the cast members got to know who we were.


It sounds so fun (the ride part, not the broken leg). I love TSMM, but I’m not good at it and my children won’t share any of their secrets with me.


The cast members started to share some with us. A few are don’t do anything during the practice round, as it is a waste of energy.
Here is a link to some tips.


That is so awesome!! I clearly have not been playing effectively. Maybe now I can actually bet my children!! Thanks!


Try to remember as much as you can and when you beat them the first time, just smile.


So… no thoughts on if it’s a waste to use a 9:20 fpp If we have the TSL and other headliners taken care of ? Or do they become a wash for the shows kind of like a fpp for nemo or living with the land in the morning?


you won’t need the FPP, likely, so if you can change it to something else that is more convenient to use early, it might make sense. But if you will go over to Star Tours early anyway, why not use it and head toward using up all 3!


we wont use up all three early in the day because we are using FP for RnR and Little Mermaid when we come back in the evening before Fantasmic. Want to secure not having to wait online with those after our break. So, it’s really just a matter of deciding on 9"20 for star tours or 10:30 for frozen. In grand scheme of things I’m sure it really wont matter. But, it’s the only thing left in plans to tweak and with 5 days left to go I’m bored lol


:-). Then I would keep the 9:20 Star Tours, if you want to do it. OR try to modify for later in the morning so you are not running back and forth? I think whatever you do will be fine.