Final Thoughts on a Week in the World

We just finished a fabulous week at WDW. I had a few final thoughts to share on our experience.

  1. August is hot!! Be prepared to sweat a lot. We only took afternoon breaks on two of our six park days, but we made sure to plan very relaxed afternoons. At DHS for example we only did shows between lunch and dinner. Each show was 30 minutes or more of sitting comfortably.

  2. Bring multiple ponchos. It rained every afternoon sometimes for hours. We were able to poncho up and carry on but it did a number on the ponchos. By week’s end almost all of our first set had tears or broken snaps. I was glad we had extras.

  3. Stay hydrated. Nothing makes someone crankier than dehydration on a hot day. You can get ice water in pretty much every quick service. At the resort foodcourt there is a button for water on the drink machines.

  4. Morning EMH is a great time to get a lot done. At AK and DHS we knocked out most of the rides by 10 am. At MK we were done seven rides and a snack before 11! It really slows down in the parks by lunchtime.

  5. If you want to go to a water park, go in the morning. We hit both TL and BB at 10 and stayed until 1. Got on several slides with little wait and were able to chill. It rained before 2 both days, one so heavily that they closed the water parks early.

  6. Be courteous. We met lovely people who were thoughtful and generous and made our days a bit more magical. Then there were the ones who didn’t think of anyone but themselves. There is no need to push your way in front of people. You will still get on the ride. And think about whether or not you will be blocking other people’s views. Everyone wants to see!

  7. Relax and have fun! If you miss a ride or show it is not the end of the world. We had to rearrange a bit because of ride closures and weather, but we still had a blast.

  8. Go on FOP! If you can get a fastpass, go for it. But try to fit it in regardless. It is an amazing experience.

We had a great week. I am not sure when we will make it back to WDW again, but I have had so much fun planning and interacting with all of you. Thanks for making our trip even better!


Thank you for sharing your trip!


Thank you for taking us along!


I totally agree with all you have said here! Thank you for sharing with us!


This x1000^10000000000. I noticed Disney sort of takes your courteousness and amplifies it back at you. So the nicer you are, the nicer they are.

Glad you had a great time!!


Great advice!!


We really made an effort to be relaxed this trip. We spent time looking around at things like the Tree of Life and Pandora. And we browsed in all sorts of shops: Memento Mori, the African art place in AK and most of the shops on Main Street. It helped to keep us from feeling rushed.