Final (perhaps) MK plan with FP

Here is my latest TP for MK. I think most people would rush to PP or 7DMT, but I feel like we can FP those later. This plan seems to have low wait times and still lets us do everything we wanted, even though we may be the only weirdos heading to Buzz at 8am! I feel like the wait times are pretty low for everything and I’m thinking that seems way too optimistic! My FP day isn’t until Friday, so these are just the FPs I’m hoping to get. Our MK day is 60+4, so I think we will be okay.

This is my family’s first trip, so any thoughts are most welcome! Thank you!

I am sure others that have tried this will reply with suggestions, but I just wanted to say that I love this idea of avoiding Fantasyland at rope drop and heading back there later with FPPs. I am considering something similar for our trip this November. Can’t wait to hear others opinions of it. If you stick with this plan, please report back after your trip so I can see how it goes!

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My experience has been don’t count on a FPP for 7DMT that early in the day… you might get lucky!

If you can make rope drop, I have done PP in the stand by queue for a wait of less than 10 min. I wouldn’t necessarily avoid Fantasyland in the Morning… it’s crazy ALL DAY long.

Are you doing the Ariel or princess fairytale hall? How about jungle cruise, Aladdin, POTC?

Thanks for your thoughts!

I will definitely do a trip report once we get back, especially because I so look forward to reading everyone’s. It’s so neat to get all the different perspectives.

I’ve been checking FP availability and at 60+4, they seem to have everything - so fingers crossed!! We are meeting the princesses at CRT, Akershus and the Bon Voyage breakfast - I’ve heard this one has great character interactions with Ariel/ Prince Eric and Rapunzel/ Flynn. I didn’t put JC or Aladdin in, only because I didn’t want to overshedule. I may have too much already! :wink:

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I like your plan a lot.

I would still suggest minor changes.

I would swap BTMR and Splash Mtn. Crowds grow quicker at BTMR, probably because it is “colder” early morning and because Splash is longer (in duration).
I’ll also swap PP and 7DMT and you should be able to ride iaSM just after PP (to avoid backtracking)

My priority would be to get to Frontierland at 9:00 (when the land opens) to be ahead of the crowd. If you fall behind early, I would drop Speedway just to be sure (Speedway should be available as a 4th FP+ early afternoon and Dumbo as a 5th FP+).

Have a nice trip !

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These are great suggestions!

Great ideas!! Thank you so much! :blush:

What day of your trip is this for? I got a 7DMT for 10am day 3 in mid April. And Peter Pan for 10am for day 5.

How old are your kids?
What is projected CL for that day if you know?

We just got back from our first trip (after several to DL), in mid April. If I remember right, my MK days were projected 6 and were at least that. If you can pull it all off, that’s awesome. We did most of what we wanted each day, but I still think I had too many things booked and not enough to allow us to take it all in. And I had teenagers who got hot and tired of lines LOL

Can’t wait to hear your report. It was fun to do mine.

It’s day 4 for us. CL is a 6. My crew is 11,11,6,5. I’m hoping it works out with FPP on Friday…if not, it’s another draft of our TP! :wink: