Final Illuminations dinner viewing

We’ve made a quick plan to visit EPCOT 9/30 and 10/1 for the final showing of Illuminations and premiere of Epcot Forever. None of our prime dinner viewing restaurants (Rose&Crown, Spice Road, La Hacienda) have spots available for the 8-9pm time frame. Is it possible someone may cancel one of those reservations, and I should just keep checking daily just in case (like Fastpass+ cancellations) or is the likelihood of someone canceling such a prime spot so small it’s not worth the effort?


Can’t hurt to keep trying. But I would have another plan as I think it’s pretty unlikely that anyone will cancel for this last showing.

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Also just an FYI that R&C now charges for fireworks views.



I could be wrong, but I think I read somewhere that the dining package is actually a separate area and the patio area is still there for regular diners BUT if there is inclement weather, then the patio area does get taken up by the dining package.

Pretty sure I saw that on the blogs when this dining package first started.

Have you set up a res finder alert? Also, at least for SRT, we have done 7:40 and even as early at 7:20 - staying through until fireworks. Our servers have never rushed us, but then we are multiple cocktails, multiple courses followed by dessert diners…

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I have no personal experience, but have read multiple accounts of people being told that they were not allowed to request outdoor seating as it is now a paid option. I believe it has been in some trip reports on here as well as chat.