Final hotel decision- Pop. What are your best tips for staying there?

Latest update is that ALL available rooms are now renovated.

Buildings 3-10 are all completed, #2 is closed, and #1 is partially open w/ some rooms still being renovated.


I love this thread as we are planning on staying at Pop in December. So excited for it! We are hoping for two connecting rooms which should allow enough space for my family of 5.

I will be at pop 7/4-7/7. I will try to take a look around & update y’all :slight_smile:

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:::singing::: Did you ever know that you’re my hero… Thank you @minniemouse27 !!!
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We’ll be there in 19 days (I’m rounding time since it is 11:33pm)!!!


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Well, @minniemouse27 - be sure to play in the arcade. The PACMAN AIR HOCKEY is the most fun I’ve had in an arcade in forever!

Let us know how your trip turns out, and especially how you like the new POP! renovations. Hope you have so much fun!!!

I will definitely remember that for my video game fan 12yo!

We are staying at Pop in December as well with 3 families, I’m bookmarking this thread, can’t wait to stay at Pop!!

Following as I’m considering Pop for next summer so we can stay longer due to finances. We’ve only stayed at Contemporary and POR before so this would be a change, but we are not in our rooms often anyway. Going with Pop I think we could have a longer stay at WDW, but I’m concerned with transportation and comfort.

Just thought I would update everyone. I actually ended up staying at Pop the first week of July for a solo trip. The resort was great. I was in building 6 (standard room) & it was a short walk to the lobby& transportation. The refurbished rooms are very nice, although the hard floors are louder than carpet. I still prefer them to carpet for cleanliness though! This stay confirmed for me that our upcoming stay at Pop should be great! It’s not AKL, but it will serve its purpose :slight_smile:


Good to hear as I have Pop booked for March, and barring any great deals between now and then, we will be staying there. Excited as I’ve never been there.

We are here now (building 3, pool view) and love it. <3


I have a 15" macbook laptop, and my hubby has an ipad. Heard they updated the safe from being in the wall by the bathroom to being in a cabinet?!?

Anyone there (@minniemouse27) now, or fairly recently, that can verify if I can fit a 15" laptop into that new safe?

We heard that if whatever doesn’t fit in a safe, that we could check it into the hotel vault at the front desk with no problem. I really, really want to bring my laptop, but I have to keep it locked up, and I would prefer not to spent a lot of time checking it in and out everytime I need to use it.

Thanks for reading my post!
~ Josie ~

BTW, @minniemouse27 - did you guys try out the PACMAN AIR HOCKEY yet?!? :smiley::heart_eyes::star_struck:

@imaginette yes, the new safe will accommodate a laptop and iPad. It’s flat but pretty big. I feel like it has more space than the old ones.

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That’s amazing thank you @JenniferB1975 !

Sorry…the reception on the train (wifi or data) is spotty and I was trying to catch up on sleep while I could.

We are home safe and sound, back at work and camp today.

We never opened the safe so I can’t speak to the inside dimensions…and I never saw the PacMan Air Hockey? Was it in the game room? We didn’t go in there.

Gah, we did SO much on this trip and there were still so many things we didn’t get to. In 7 days we never even got a chance to go to Disney Springs! I really wanted to go to World of Disney and the Christmas store but we just were having too much fun in the parks!


No worries! I know all about the wifi on the Amtrak train :bullettrain_side::train2::zipper_mouth_face::sob::upside_down_face:

Yes, that PACMAN AIR HOCKEY game is in the Arcade, near the check in desk.

You’re right - there never seems to be enough time to do it all - doh!

Here’s a photo of the game if anyone out there is planning on trying it out - SO MUCH FUN, you’ll love it!