Final final plan changes — your advice, please

My final full day schedule is:

breakfast at Kona — monorail to FW — Soarin’ — SSE — TT — walk to YC — Stormalong Bay — Yachtsman’s — FEA dessert party — IllumiNations — FEA — walk round WS — YC — bed

All events have FPP except TT.


I’m wondering if I should make some changes.

skip Stormalong Bay, spend the afternoon touring WS, maybe try for a 4th FPP on FEA

then dinner at YC


skip IllumiNations and go to DHS to try to catch a late hour or so at TSL — see it in the dark, maybe do TSMM


My final (half) day is the next day. I have FPP for TOT, RNR and SDD. I have EMH or whatever at 7am, but I’m not keen. Current plan is 9am arrive — TOT, RNR — 10am TSL: explore, SB for TSMM — 12 noon FPP SDD — 1pm HBD


Do I ditch IllumiNations and possibly FEA and Stormalong Bay for more time touring WS and for the chance of some action at TSL in the late evening?

My reasons are: insurance policy if last day goes wrong in some way, opportunity to see TSL at night.

I thought you chose Yacht Club so you could use Stromalong Bay? I think I’d keep that, but maybe less time, if you’re looking for more park time.

I love fireworks, but I might give them up for more rides. But isn’t there a dessert involved with your Illuminations night?


We stayed one night at Beach Club two summers ago after a cruise (no park tickets) and the pool was really nice.

It’s your call about what is more important, park time or pool time.

The main reason for choosing YC was location — it makes my departure day much simpler as I can walk to and from DHS.

Stormalong Bay is attractive but comes with stresses of its own. If I “knew” I’d get some kind of quality time at TSL then I’d make the sacrifice.

Ditto IllumiNations. It’s cool but I can live without it. The desserts mean nothing to me.

And I might be able to get FEA as a 4th FPP in the afternoon. If not, well, meh.

If the weather’s nice more WS is good. And less stressful than SB.

I currently have a 6.10pm ADR at YC. So If could be at TSL by 9pm? Park close is 10.30pm.

I guess my question — to which no-one can know the answer — is: if I show up at DHS at 9pm on the second day of TSL opening with a 10.30pm close, will I get to see or do anything?

There are logistical issues: what time are the shows and how easy will access to TSL be?

I’d keep it as is and enjoy Stormalong. That day sounds just right in terms of pace and taking in attractions.

Disclaimer: I realize if you follow this advice and it goes poorly I will suffer the consequences



Fantasmic has two showings that night — the second is at 10.30pm and guess who’s got a VIP seat and dessert package!

So I lose IllumiNations but gain Fantasmic (and a small saving in cost). I ditch dessert at YC saving a few dollars and some dining time.

I still get a shot at FEA (I can start looking at 1.15pm or so).

I lose SB but I also lose some stress associated with that — whether YC will have my bags by the time I get there, what to wear in the pool, sunburn, weather, the whole Crocs and socks debacle …


It sounds like you’ve already made your decision. I’m sure you’ll have fun, no matter which direction you end up going.

It was Fantasmic that sealed the deal. It made losing IllumiNations much easier to bear.

Ditching SB was pretty easy because it makes my day at Epcot a lot more chilled out and I had question marks about it anyway. The Crocs are gone!

Not the Crocs!

I anticipate your plans being final the day after you return.


I must admit that I liked your original plan more. I think it offered a better balance of being on the go and relaxation. Stormalong Bay is great. And the Fantasmic dessert party is just a box of desserts.

In your shoes, I would actually do Epcot FW, Stormalong Bay, Yachtsman and then HS. You could make this change and not even have to change any reservations! (But then where would the fun be?)

Just a note, there is rumor that Illuminations is going away. It may not be around next year for your trip. Just something to consider :wink:

Wow. Tough crowd!

Well, OK. Let’s talk this through.

If I’m going to go to DHS then IllumiNations has to go. There’s no way I can get from Epcot to DHS in time to achieve anything if I go that late.

If I’m going to go to DHS, then it would be cool to end the evening with Fantasmic, which will make up for not seeing IllumiNations.

(My memory is that the only nighttime show that really blew me away was HEA. I think I ranked IllumiNations and Fantasmic at about the same level. Entertaining, but missable. Maybe I preferred IllumiNations a little more.)

If I’m going to DHS and therefore not going back to Epcot for IllumiNations, then I have to do WS before I leave Epcot for dinner at YC. The original plan was a late night walk around WS after the fireworks.

Which means that Stormalong Bay has to go. Or I basically don’t do WS this trip.

Now SB is not necessarily cut out of the deal. If the weather’s bad, then maybe I ditch WS and get wet at SB instead.

And there is always next year, when I’ll be based at BC for five nights.

This whole thing by the way was the fault of seeing a video of TSL at night. And listening to the TP podcast about TSL opening.

But didn’t you say the other day that next year’s plans are a bit up in the air?

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I will love any plan if I see “one hour enjoying BC”.

Wait! Are you at YC this time? Then it needs to say “30 minutes sitting on my balcony”.

I’m genuinely having difficulty scheduling that.

What else would you be doing at 3:00 am?


The balcony was one of my favorite parts of our trip last year. I was so excited to see one of the famed Disney cats out hunting.
You’ve said other places that you’re trying to get relaxation in. I like the Stormalong Pool, but usually only spend a few hours on a couple day trip there. Not my favorite thing-although it feels amazing when it’s hot!
I’m going to say something controversial-I think you should cancel the dessert party, so that you can play the evening by ear! Leave your options open. Are you hot & tired? Spend some time at the pool. Are you full of energy, pick another one of your options. Did you get enough of WS? Move on to DHS. Wishing you had more time to spend at WS, was there a country you didn’t make it to? Spend the evening there. I think this is a hard decision to make on this end of the trip because we don’t know how you’ll be feeling.
But that’s my opinion.