Final documents not received - how bad is this?

So my "TA" sent my final documents to my previous address, not my current address. I have mail forwarding, but when I called the post office, they said that had been missed and the package was being sent back to the sender. So I will not be receiving my final documents before we leave for our first trip next week. Is that bad? What was in the final documents? I feel so in the dark.... I have learned more here than I ever did from my "TA" and I will never use that company again. Please help me through this!!

call your TA and they should be able to overnight them to you once they get them back. and it should be their dime since they didn't confirm your mailing address.

as for any magical express stuff, you can call ME directly and talk to them and they can mail out your tags directly to you.

EDIT: Magical Express phone: 866-599-0951

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Thanks @DarthD but my TA says she can only send them to our resort. She says there's not time to get them sent back to us.... frowning

wow. she sent them out late then as it is. Like I said, if you need Magical Express, you should be able to call them and get the tags sent directly to you.

However, if you don't get the tags in time, hold on to your baggage claim tickets. Then present them to the check in Cast Member at Magical Express. They'll take your tickets and grab your bags for you. The yellow tags just make identifying ME luggage easier. But they aren't absolutely necessary.

I did this just last month for myself. Last minute trip. no time to get tags. worked like a charm.

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Thanks for the infor @DarthD!
Anything else I need to know about "final documents"?

There may be vouchers for your other discounts and other perks. but you should have your MB's. and those are the most important.

Thank you so much!

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I'll check my own packets later and see if there's anything I may not be thinking of right now off the top of my head. If there's anything that strikes me as important, I'll tag you.

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That'd be great! Thanks ever so!

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You're welcome!