Final Countdown!

We are 25 days away from departure, and 27 days away from AoA check-in! My girls and I are so EXCITED!!! Ok, honestly, I’m more excited. :tada::tada:

We had started this trip in 2019, and of course like so many other families, 2020 hit. :frowning: We rescheduled twice, and then finally canceled. This is our DD19’s Sr Grad Trip. But, now it has turned into a Sr Grad/Birthday/Early College Grad/Honeymoon Trip!

We have DH47, DS24, DS12 (all first timers), Me40, DD19, and DD10. Driving from the Midwest, 1 night in Tallahassee, 8 park days, and 2 beach days on the way home.

I have watched so many new vloggers, I read something everyday on the TP forums. I’m falling down the rabbit hole of desire for Disney pins, sparkly tumblers, Etsy shirts and Ears.

I’ve pre-packed backpacks, thought twice, re-packed. Just to start thinking all over again. LOL

I searched out ADR’s and managed to get every restaurant we wanted, just hoping for 1 more time slot to open to move it back a bit. So, MouseDining is set. I have examined so many MO QS Menus, the only one I’m worried about is in MK. And I’ve been searching for the places to get those awesome over-the-top milkshakes, like at B&C. But, I just haven’t figured out if we can MO those or have to have ADR.

The kids have all agreed that they want to try RD to Close. So, we have 2 days at each MK, HS, EP, and two 1/2 days at AK. Our TP’s have areas with 150+ minutes, a couple even stretching 300+ minutes. But, keeping in mind with “flexible”, we know we may have to call it day so no one is cranky. I have checked WDW website for the unavailability of some items and crossed them off the list. I have practiced for the BG on our HS days. We got reservations for the 3 Star Wars kids.

I have been jokingly arguing about the travel directions with DH. We will be driving from the Tallahassee area, and he keeps thinking we need to drive all the way over to I-4, but I tell him I think it would be easier to go down 429, exit on Western Way, to W Buena Vista Dr.

I’m hoping the first timers enjoy it. I hope that barring any huge catastrophes, we will all keep the TP plan, with the main thought being “flexible.” And I hope that we will come home with awesome memories of our first Newly-Blended Family Vacation!! Not really newly blended, we’ve been family for 5 years, but this is our first vacation of 6!

I really hope this doesn’t become overwhelming for the DH. He has started mentioning wanting to run the Dopey Challenge in 2023, if they make on-site runs available. All of the first timers keep comparing this trip to DL, and I can’t get them to grasp the idea of HUGE parks and 4-SEPARATE parks. They keep making comments about “hop over to xxxx it would only be a few minutes, it was when we went to DL”

No, no, it’s a good distance and takes time to catch a bus and then drive there! Lol

:purple_heart::tada::purple_heart:27 DAYS TO DISNEY!!:purple_heart::tada::purple_heart:


The to-go counter at B&C is currently closed but I’ve seen multiple reports of people going to the Martha’s Vineyard lounge at Beach Club and the bartender being able to get shakes from B&C. Example:



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17 days left for me! My trip will overlap with yours by a couple of days though!

I’m so excited!


Yay! 17 and counting down!!:tada::tada:

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My early Mother’s Day present hubby was so pleased with himself he couldn’t hold out.

Took the photo yesterday so it’s really 22 for me.


That’s so cute!

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He said you just can’t go over 365 days between trips so you can always use it to which I responded Challenge accepted!


I love that challenge! :trophy:

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9 days left and I am so ready

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Oh, even closer! I’ll probably be packing and re-packing at that stage! :joy:

BTW, For those of you planning May/June trips that might be interested in liner meetups or knowing who you might bump into, I’ve set up a Google form to collect everyone’s plans. You will need to sign into Google to use it, but this will also give you the ability to update your response as needed. After you submit your initial response (you can enter bare minimum data to start if you’d like), private message your gmail address to me here on TouringPlans Forum to gain access to the results.

@sunsecret @cpertuit


I love this! I want one! Great gift!

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15 days until we leave on the train!!


We are at 17 days until we get in the car, and 19 until check-in! Each day a little more excitement and a lotta more anxiety worrying about everyone else having a good time! :crazy_face:

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Here we are ~ single digits! 9 days until check in. I keep hoping that hours will be extended Memorial weekend. My thoughts just flutter around the hours they had for Spring Break and a few weeks after, hoping and hoping they will extend by the time we get there as they increase capacity. I would love, love to be able to see the parks at night. I’m also hoping for the return of resort package delivery. That was always easier for us.
I’m so excited for all my family to experience Disney. I hope that we can keep a TP relatively in place and have as many experiences as possible. Our wait times have increased on a couple of parks, but for the most part still seem doable. Our kids are older and can handle some waits, so 30-40 min won’t kill them. We may have a ride or two that will push limits of upwards to 50-70 minutes.
Secret Disney Ears…Please extend hours! Please, Please, PLEASE!


Yes!! Extend hours and package delivery are on our wishlist too!!! We board our train Saturday and arrive to WDW one week from today!!!