Final ADR - Where to go!?

62 days until my family and I head out to Orlando - CAN’T WAIT!!!

We’re on Disney dining for our stay and are planning to make the most of it - we love our food. We’re two adults and 2 kids (7 and 16) and looking to get the right balance of good cuisine and great experiences. It’s our first time in 12 years and first time eating at table service so we want to get some of the standards done.

We have ADRs at:

Tusker House (ROL Package)
Mama Melrose (Fantasmic Package)
Chefs De France
Be Our Guest
50s Primetime
Cape May Beach Breakfast (one character breakfast will be enough for us)
Cinderella Royal Table

We have space for one more dinner - open to whatever park or resort, providing it’s 1 table service credit.

What would be your one absolute must do? Thanks!

I love Sanaa. Garden Grill is our favorite character meal and we love the food there.

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I second Garden Grill. Also, Teppan Edo was a great Japanese Hibachi if you don’t have a regular one you go to.

Biergarten or Raglan Road. Both have excellent food as well as entertainment.

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Raglan Road in Disney Springs!

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Definitely Biergarten or Garden Grill. Doing both on our upcoming trip after several years away.

Yes! Raglan Road that’s a great one too.

Biergarten is so cute, fun and great food!
If asian is more your thing: Teppan Edo is the way to go!

For the most fun location, Whispering Canyon Cafe. Loved it.

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I’d go with all the choices listed above, but I’ve heard great things about Sci-Fi Dine In. A couple of my personal favorites that wasn’t listed above would be Crystal Palace, The Plaza, 1900 Park Fare, and Chef Mickey’s (great experience)


We just did that one this trip. It was a fun time, indeed :slight_smile:

I might check this one out - looks fun! Thanks everyone.

Sanaa lunch for the bread service and view, Biergarten dinner for pants stretching buffet, beer and fun show.
Whispering Canyon also real fun and Raglan Road is great as well.

Have you considered dropping one to add a 2 TS credit meal? The reason I ask is my daughters (both age 6) LOVED Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. For us, it was the beset one we did. We did it on the day we went down, so it didn’t cost any time out of the park. And I thought it was a great way to get our vacation kicked off.

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I hadn’t but that is a good idea. I think we’re set now but next time (wishful thinking!) I think we’ll go for Deluxe dining so we can go for more signatures.

So I think we’re done! We added in reservations at:

Teppan Edo
Garden Grill
Sci-Fi Diner

We’re coming from Europe so Biergarten/Raglan Road felt too close to home :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the suggestions guys.