Filming for the ABC special Nov 3-7

If you are heading down to the World during the first week of November like me, here are the tentative dates for filming the ABC holiday specials:

Friday November 3 - Disney's Hollywood Studios
Saturday November 4 - Disney's Animal Kingdom
Sunday November 5 - Magic Kingdom
Monday November 6 - Magic Kingdom
Tuesday November 7 - Magic Kingdom

Luckily my plans are already avoiding everything except for late afternoon/evening in MK on Monday, and hopefully any disruption to the hub area will be finished by then.

Well, crap. That affects my Friday and Saturday. How much of an impact does this filming have on HS and AK? I’ve never been there during this week before.

Thanks, we’re spending the Sunday morning at MK (until lunchtime) but we’ll be in Fantasyland the whole time so hopefully won’t be impacted. :thumbsup:

They said to all be stage shows, but beyond that I don’t know. The MK filming is on the castle stage, so it will definitely make the hub crowded. It also changed the FoF parade schedule last year. CMs can get tickets to be in the official audience, so we will know more as far as timing when those tickets are released, I hope!

Great, we’re spending Sunday and Tuesday in MK. And then Thursday afternoon/night, which is for MVMCP. So it will just be wall to wall people every moment we are there.

I really regret nearly everything about this trip, and hope it goes much better than I am currently expecting it to.