Filling snack credit ideas

I have heard that the chicken fried rice at Yak and Yeti is enough for a meal. Are there any other big snack items that could be a meal credit replacement for the dining plan?

I find that when we do the dining plan (always just the regular one with one TS meal, one QS meal and a snack) that we don't always want a big meal.

So say I use my TS for a big buffet breakfast, I find that something like a jalapeño pretzel (a snack credit and a pretty big) is perfect for lunch. If you don't mind sweet things for lunch (which I don't!) then funnel cakes from sleepy hollow are again one snack credit, huge and make a great snacky lunch (or breakfast).

My favourite thing to use snack credits for though is a late breakfast of a sweet cream cheese pretzel from the lunching pad after I've been on space mountain and repeatedly got a rubbish score on buzz.

You might like this thread from disboards showing just about EVERYTHING that is available for a snack credit.


When we had snack credits left, we got boxes of cheese and graham crackers. They packed well and were a good snack for the ride home. BTW, purchased in food court.

The TP app says that on Main Street the Bacon and Gouda Breakfast Sandwich is a snack credit.


I haven't had it yet but the ham and cheese croissant in France has been tagged as a filling, meal-replacing snack! If you are just trying to fill up, a big jalapeno pretzel may do the trick! smile

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How do I digtinsguish between something on a menu that is a qs credit and a snack credit. For example as someone said about the rice in yak and Yettie's

Thank you for the list! This is exactly what I need.

If you are looking at the menu there will be a little purple-pink symbol next to anything allowable for a snack credit. For a quick service meal, you get to pick an entrée, plus a drink and a dessert from the menu that have the snack symbol next to them. This has a pretty great list: You can even click the little "show DDP-eligible snacks only" box and it will only show snack credit items.

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Some places offer soup as a snack credit. That'd be enough to fill me up.

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That's great - glad it's useful!

Ah yes. I knew this. Lol. Thanks.

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That link is amazing.

That's an awesome link @Ellen1976! Thanks!

No probs - I probably got it from someone else on lines originally!

Or it could have been from josh @ easywdw - he sometimes posts links to dis boards, but it's usually to the funny teeth gnashing type threads.

Lots of filling snack options at Sleepy Hollow in MK