Fiji versus Samoa at Poly advice please

We have a standard view queen at Poly booked and want to request a room. Have stayed in Tokelau before and are dismayed that this is no longer an option. Would like a quiet room and a decent view (hopefully no parking lots). TP room finder shows Fiji as noise level 3 and Samoa as quiet. This seems counterintuitive with the pool right near Samoa and construction of the quiet pool on the backside. Know I can check the room finder for views, but personal experiences and additional advice about noise level would be greatly appreciated. Any advice? TIA.

I have no personal advice but have also been looking at the room finder and tikimans site a lot since we are going to poly in October (also with a standard room booked). I don’t think Samoa would at all be quiet. One side faces the pool and depending on when you are going, there will be construction on the east pool which is on the other side of Samoa. tikiman just posted pics yesterday and it already looks like construction has started in that courtyard area around the east pool. I doubt the room finder takes the construction noise into effect when they give noise level ratings b/c the construction is temporary (just like the room views obviously aren’t all accurate now either b/c of construction taking place in certain places). Personally, I plan on requesting aotearoa for October if east pool construction is still ongoing. I know there may be some noise from the Luau over there but a lot of people have posted on chat and forum that monorail side of aotearoa is pretty quiet.

I stayed last July on the monorail side. What a beautiful room and so quiet! You will love it!

Thanks for the advice. It’s tough to decide how to balance the desire to have a fairly quiet room versus a more fun view. Not that we will spend all that much time in the room. But do have a 3 y/o who may nap while we are there (fingers crossed), as well as a 6 y/o who has fairly significant nighttime sleep needs. Overtired children are no fun!