Fighting motion sickness - with science?

I recently read about Psi Bands in US Weekly (don’t judge … or, well, judge away) and I got interested when they mentioned they were effective against motion sickness. I can’t really ride rollercoasters anymore because I get sick on them very easily, and I miss being able to ride them with DH. Reviews on Amazon, etc. were pretty mixed, and none of them had specifically to do with rollercoasters.

Has anyone here used them? How are they? If not, what are some of your go-to motion sickness prevention/remedies?

I want to follow your question because I fight motion sickness, tool. I have to avoid rides that dip, dive, spin or plunge and I often have trouble when riding in a car or bus. I usually do not try new remedies because if it doesn’t work, I am sick for the day. I have used the patch behind my ear and wrist bands. Some people have liked ginger capsules from a health food store but I have not tried them either.

We used them last trip. I rode everything and was fine. Only ride I felt awful on was space mountain and that was second run in a row - they forgot to let us off! I have to say I don’t suffer majorly so don’t know if they really helped or if the rides were tame enough for it not to matter. You can pick the up pretty cheaply on amazon so worth a try.

I haven’t tried those, but I like to take kids’ Dramamine. It really helps with motion sickness. The adult strength makes me too tired and dizzy, but the kids works really well.

Which rides did you ride, specifically?

Oh, that’s a good idea! I hadn’t considered Dramamine.

Dramamine makes me too sleepy, so be sure to try it at home first. I have used seabands (from cvs) and I felt better on many rides but it may have been placebo.

Hi @ABitFairytale We did DLR and DCA (heading to WDW next year - can’t wait!).

I did Space Mountain 3 times - 2nd time was twice in a row without getting off - we were in the front and I have to say that was worse. Was fine the first time despite screaming.
Did Splash Mountain - Fine.
Indiana Jones - Fine.
Pirates - Fine
Cars - Fine
Gadget Coaster - Hated that, but didn’t feel sick.
Toy Story Fine.
Didn’t do Tower of Terror. too scared, ha ha.
Matterhorn Bobsleds - Fine.
Soarin - Fine (was worried about the glidey’ness of this - but I just focused on the horizon and was fine)
Splash Mountain - Fine
Star Tours - Fine
Big thunder mountain was closed when we were there.
Plus lots of other tame rides - Peter Pan - etc etc.

I tend to suffer with gliding smooth rides. Thus avoided the tea cups, dumbo and astro orbiter. There was also a coaster at DCA I didn’t do as it had a loop - the kids wanted to go on it, but we thought they were too young for a loop. We’ve since done one is Aus, I hated it, so will avoid loops like the plague.

Had no issue with any of the above with the exception of space mountain on the double up.
I bought them more for my 7 year old as she gets car sick and I was worried about the 15 hour plane trip, and the rides. She wore the bands the whole time with no problems. We forgot to put them on her the last day on the way to the airport and she was sick in the car! figures!)

actually @ABitFairytale just checked your link, they weren’t what I used, it was the Sea Bands, sorry!

They sell them at CVS, too, in case you want to check them out in person. I like them.

I suffer from severe motion sickness and vertigo. I used to wear the patch and it worked great but I didn’t like the side effects. I have experimented with different combinations of motion sickness preventatives and this is what works best for me. About 4 days before the start of our trip I start taking ginger tablets. The night before our trip begins I start to take Bonine. During our trip I wear sea bands for touring. I have with me ginger chews, ginger gum, ginger candy and peppermint. The peppermint seems to help the ginger. I will chew ginger before rides that I suspect may trigger motion sickness, like RnR, EE, ToT, etc… Sometimes I will have ginger and peppermint after. It depends on how I feel. I can ride everything at Disney, enjoyably, except PW, Teacups, MS Orange and EE more than once. I can do EE one at a time. My DH and DS like to ride EE multiple times in a row. I can’t do that, so I don’t. Otherwise I am good to go, and I don’t experience any negative side effects. I also make a point of staying well hydrated.

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Thank you, everyone! I’m definitely going to look into the SeaBands and the ginger candies, etc - I’d heard that ginger ale helps with motion sickness as well so that seems like a much more portable option. Hopefully this time I’ll be able to ride EE!

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I just stumbled upon this thread again… For me, the best thing I can do to prevent feeling sick is to be well hydrated and not have an empty stomach. I drink water CONSTANTLY and carry snacks (and pepto) in my bag just in case :slight_smile: But the water, it really does make a difference for me.


I’ve suffered with motion sickness my entire life. I have sea bands which I use frequently. They do the job for something like riding in a car but aren’t nearly enough for a theme park. Same goes for ginger. For theme parks I use a combination of Dramamine (chased with a Dr Pepper to help fight the fatigue), sea bands, and ginger essential oil. And even then I still can’t ride the teacups. The sea bands would probably be fine if you aren’t riding the thrill rides. But if you are, you’d better have a back up.

I do not recommend the ear patch. It actually works great but the side effects are absolutely horrible.

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