FFP's using a MNSSHP TIX from 4-7 possible?

Are they now giving you this option with your linked MNSSHP tix? Or is this something we are waiting to see if it works?

I made three fpp for our party night up until 7 pm with no problem! Also did it last yr on our party night!

I did mine as well. To be safe I made all my other fpps with my 4 day pass, then I made my MNSSHP passes. Do keep in mind you cannot do say Epcot in the morning and get 3 fpps and then make a party with 3 fpps, you can only get one set of three per day. So if you are only doing the party and sleeping in/pool day etc before the party and arriving at 4 for the party you will be fine.

Oh that’s awesome! Well keep that in mind!

Thank you - this makes me excited to know I can try to get one or two before the party!