FFPP question - when everyone in the party doesn't want the same FPP

What is the best strategy to use when making FPP reservations at 60 days out when everyone in the party doesn’t want the same FPP?

So for example, dd may or may not be 44 inches at our trip in April. (Depending on her shoes and what we measure her with, she’s close or just over, but it’s not clear.) For MK, DD will definitely want to do A&E. DS will probably not. DS will want to do Space, and dd may not be able to due to her height.

So I’m thinking that I should aim for DD and a parent to get A&E FPP and DS and a parent to do Space, and then the other 2 FPP should be the same.

So how do I get this to happen? Do I make 4 FPP for A&E because that’s harder to get (assuming I can get it) and then later change 2 of them to Space?

That’s what I would do, although it may be easier to get 2 FPP for A&E.

I would book your highest priority FPP first, then you can go in and edit individual ones. That’s how I did it last trip when DS and I ride Space, while DW and DDs did ETWB.