FFP Day Was Today


Got everything DD16 wanted. Even scored FoP and SDD. Website wasn’t working at all (500 Bad Gateway Error on Fast Pass Selection page) but worked like a charm on my iPhone. It opened up on Day 60 for me, and let me choose my second split stay (63 days out), but not my first stay (60 days out). I found that odd, but I’m not going to complain. Don’t need fast passes on 12/22 because we’re just visiting WS.


Congrats! Are your tickets part of a package with your second stay?


Yes, the tickets are part of the second stay. :slight_smile:


That explains why you could not make FPs for that first stay.


Well done @SirGreggLadyV.
So with my split stay of 7 nights and 5 nights, the 14 day tickets are attached to the first 7 nights stay, so will the FP window open up at 60 days for the first 7 night stay and the immediately following 5 night stay? So on day 60 will I be able to book up to 60 +7 or 60 +12?


On day 60 you should be able to book both stays the way your tickets are set up.


I’m just happy it let me make them for the second stay. I wasn’t planning any for the first stay.


Congrats on having a successful day


“May the odds be ever in your favor!”

Oh, wait. Wrong franchise.

And wrong implication.