FFP Animal Kingdom choices late Feb on a crowd 6 prediction day

I’ve read the touring plans recommendations for FFP in AK. They recommend Kali River Rapids, Dinosaur, and then Kilimanjaro Safaris (all in the afternoon). However, given the temperature is likely to be cool that day, do people still ride KRR when they might get totally soaked and can’t dry? We do want to ride and plan to take ponchos, but is a FFP necessary? Also, for the KS which is recommended for a 4pm FFP: Can anyone tell me if someone with a bad back should not go on this ride due to bouncing of the vehicle? Is the road a rough/dirt road or is it a paved path? My mother wouldn’t be able to deal with a safari vehicle that bounces around. So, we thought we’d go in the morning and leave the Lion King Show and Flights of Wonder until the afternoon for when my mother would join us in the park. People’s experience/advice? We plan to make it to RD at EMH (8am). Park is open until 6:30pm that day.

Don’t ride KS if you have a bad back- lots of bumps.

Kali is less crowded on cooler days. I’d def wear a poncho or skip it.

I assume you do not want to ride Everest? Although Safari can be bumpy, Dinosaur could be dangerous for your mother! You know what’s best for your family. I do not ride KRR- not because of the water but because I have had two very bad experiences in that queue. You most likely will not need FPs at 8:00- save them for when you are with your mom later.

Thanks! We will be riding EE (hopefully several times). My mom won’t be going on any of the rides. We’ll try and do those rides in the morning and then mom will meet us in the afternoon. I won’t send mom on the safari since it’s bumpy. I just wondered how I should plan FFP since we’ll do RD, and probably go straight to EE. But, TP recommends Dinosaur/KRR/KS in the afternoon, but I don’t really want to do them in the afternoon since my mom can’t ride. But, for efficiency sake, TP recommends a certain route and these rides aren’t close to each other. So, I think I’ll do this: Early morning ride EE and the KS. Then, get a FFP for Dinosaur like at 1pm. Mom will meet us after that and then we’ll do FFP for maybe Lion King and FOW. Does that sound reasonable?

Definitely don’t fast pass Kali in February. It was a walk-on last Monday (mid-70s in December). In February the lines may be so short you can stay on the ride continuously, if you’re willing to deal with getting wet of course. If planning on riding Kali, wear clothes that will dry w/o chafing though so you don’t ruin the rest of your day, or plan on riding Kali last.

Definitely use the fast pass on Everest if you plan to ride it. Primeval Whirl would likely be the next best choice as it’s a slow loader - do note it’s a 48" height requirement though which I think is the highest in the parks…

If you are going to be there at 8, I usually ride Everest until the line gets longer than 10-15 minutes- hitch gets me multiple rides. If you then go to Safari - how will you fill your wait for your mom? Sounds like a perfect plan to save your FPs until your mom can join you. The touring plans software will not understand that your mom cannot ride the attractions and that she will be there in the afternoon but you are doing a great job! I think you could most likely fit Dinosaur in without a FP but you maybe out of choices.

Thanks everybody. I think I have a decent plan of action now.

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KS is “simulated” rutted dirt roads, so it can get pretty bouncy. EE, Dinosaur, and PW are also not good for someone with back problems. I don’t like KRR. I don’t mind getting soaked if the ride is good, but KRR is one of the least exciting “river rapids” rides I’ve ever been on. My “usual” FFPs ate EE, KS, and Dino. I plan my KS for late AM and the other two for the afternoon. At RD, I go straight to EE and ride at least several times. I then head over to KS, and if the SB line is short, I’ll ride it that way. Depending on the time, I may do a morning show, then go for a 2nd KS, have lunch, and work in another show and my 2 FPPs. After that, I play it by ear.

Thanks for the ideas. Good ones.