FFP and Muppets GMIH

Does anyone have any experience with viewing the Festival of Fantasy Parade and then Great Moments In History with the Muppets? The times for Muppets are not listed on MDE as of yet for my trip, but the times in TP are quite different from the times posted for the month of March on MDE. I was hoping to watch the parade and then walk right over to see the Muppets, but I don’t know how the timing is usually done. Our trip is in May. I also have basically the same question for the Mickey’s Royal Friendship Fair stage show.

I don’t know the answer but I like the idea. Look forward to the response!

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Right? Im thinkin we grab a corndog and a chicken n’ waffle sandwich, hang out under that glorious tree across from Hall of Presidents, watch the parade, and then get a Muppet History lesson. Just sounds like a great way to do something mellow during a hot time of day!

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We did kind of the opposite, the last time we were there. Muppets first, then the parade. It worked really well. We just picked up ice cream and chilled for a while. It did get busy in that corner, but we were there early enough to have a seat on the curb, and could stay in the same spot for both.

I don’t recall how long we waited between the two, but I suspect the schedule has changed since we went (in 2016).


We walked into the Muppets thing by accident last year, and now we want to do the entire thing. I like the idea of grabbing something from the Sleepy Hallow, or other snack food option, then going to watch the show. It’s pretty fun!